Monday, October 20, 2014

Shop Update

Chaos. A glittery confetti of chaos. That's how I can best describe the studio as of late. If i end the day with glitter on me + on little r & on mr.handsome then it was a good day :) 

We are closing the shop! Packing our lives into boxes and moving! People. it's real. it's also very real that we will have to move out of our current place and into nothing. oh escrow. why don't you ever go better than anyone expects? surprise me in a good way will ya?! lol!  

So i guess it's a mandatory "time off" from the shop. That means we will be closing the shop this friday. Your chance to save 20% off by using coupon code "FallXOXO" at checkout will also end this Friday!

But hooray ! I listed all these pretty new lovelies in the shop for you!  

All cloth bags now come in 3 sizes, small + medium + large and in both silver & gold. XOXO

- magnets -

super cute!

- New Advent Calendar Number Tags 1-25 and a star tag -

And the tags are perfect for easy decorating XOXO
And the perfect finishing touch for any gift, sequin bows :)

I have been loving these cuties for a long time now. It must be because i don't have a little girl or something but i swear i will top everything of with a bow this year :)

So excited about all these new products. I'm exhausted but very happy with the new found energy that playing with new product brings. It's so fun! Still working on more ideas + playing with new product. With a little time away from the shop I do hope to have more creative energy to bring some ideas into real life. So i'm crossing my fingers for the big studio & life move. Come what may, I'm happy to not be doing this alone, it's much less scary :) In the next couple of days i will take some final pictures of our studio set up as i know i will never have this creative space again. I have to hold back from missing it already. but i know that wherever we go, starting again is going to be okay too :)

happy thoughts lovelies,


Anonymous said...

Starting again will be OK because you all love each other so much, everything will be OK! [From Helen, a long-time customer of yours!]

Neeny said...

I really love all your products, so pretty! x