Monday, March 24, 2008

A lovely day.

I love this pic- again, not perfect but really vintage looking and my goodness love the flower (magnolia?) eh- still pretty. :)

I had the day off today and spent it, well, cleaning :)
The smell of my fresh clean sheets is amazing. Yes, I have OCD. But it's very temperamental-or maybe just mental?
LOL. I slept in until 9AM then did 5 loads of laundry ( it's crazy trying to cram in time to wash when you have 5 other people taking up the machine-grrr :) No worries though, I just bought more clothes LOL!!! SAweeeet!

So aside from going crazy cleaning, I met up with Mr. Handsome for an Italian dinner date at one of my fav Italian restaurants "Volare". But said place is NEVER open! Seriously, we've made plans for months to return and we get there only to be greeted by: CLOSED. How lame?!

There are worse things in life I guess. The Lord must've sensed my despair in my tummy grumbling because it was open. And delicious. M-M-Ggggooooood. Molto Bene!

I had a really good day cleaning- felt good just knowing a squeaky clean, super fresh smelling room awaited be so I treated myself to some Target lovin'. Oh yes. Amen to that! Love the Making Memories stuff/KI/punches etc. WOW. Good stuff- I'm sure you'll be seeing some of this stuff soon in my LO's. What's your fav scrap item you're loving right now?

Recent LO inspired by the Wacky Wednesday challenge:

Love having an "assignment". I think I work better that way. If not, then I just don't have the right motivation to scrap or anything. It's weird, but thankfully, the challenges really help the mojo go :)

A lovely day to you my sweet friends!

cheerio! :)


Anonymous said...

aww, fresh and clean, organized and inspiring, only my space is now more unorganized than before. That happens with me sometimes when I deep clean.

Off to finish up.

My fave product right now is thickers. I can't seem to get enough. I know, crazy, huh.

Have a funtabulous Tuesday!
Sandra :)

Mandi Johnson said...

I feel the same way about those challenges! I just did one for One Little Word, even though the word is over and they haven't posted a new one! It's just good to have a starting point.
by the way, I love your layout and you inspire me to stitch more!

dani j. said...

I totally washed my sheets yesterday .... I love clean sheet day, best smell in the world!

I love having challenges and assignments for scrapbooking, for some reason I just like already having my purpose layed out, I scrap so much better that way for some reason! Same thing with kits, I love using kits.... all that pretty product already pulled together, love it.

I gotta head up to my Target, I keep hearing they've got some really great goodies there.

happy tuesday! :)