Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's ATC time again

Well surprise surprise
I am getting back into making ATC's. See, I didn't forget :) Remember my post about making all kinds of stuff and not having pictures of them? Okay. This is the only proof I have that I actually made an ATC. AND it was MY FIRST ONE! It was for SIS anniversary. I made 5. And I signed them and everything. They got put in bags. Yet I forgot to take pics of them. Except this one. Hey, 1 outta 5 is pretty good.

Kelly I got yours in the mail just the other day! Oh man, LOVE the glimmer mist you used. I keep playing with the card to see the shimmer. (I will post pictures of all the ATC's I get soon)

So off to work on some ATC lovin'
If you are one of my ATC girls, hello :)
I'm making something special for you
And I have a question:
Do you use the 7 Gypsies index ATC cards with the slits on the side? That's pretty much what I have. I'm not liking the slits though. Design wise they really are distracting. Either way. We will ROCK them. You bet we will. Love you girls for participating!
I will be sending out an email to remind you ;)

And PS: Thanks girls for your advice on getting married. Love your ideas. Keep 'em coming.

full of peace and lub


metrochic said...

i don't use the 7 Gypsies index ATC cards. i just use regular old playing cards for mine. i punch a hole in the top and keep them on rings. i am thinking of stealing the fike's idea of a big old basket to keep them in, tho. pretty. or i might just get a second inspo wire and hang a whole string of my faves there. who knows.

Mandi Johnson said...

Of course you are awesome at making atcs. It only makes sense! haha
Yep, I'm with ya on the punches. They're bothersome. I usually just use cardstock in my design and don't even bother with those or cards or anything.
I've still to find a way to display them though!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little ATC...I just made my first ATC ever for the SIStv event too. Mine didn't rock like yours did.....

Debee, keep rockin' the Vic Firths and marching to the beat of your own drum. ;)

BTW, what does "drummergirl" mean??? LOL j/k


Anonymous said...

Sooo glad you liked the atc!! : )
I normally just use playing cards unless I'm doing a project for the atc spinner. I'm currently working on filling the spinner with my niece's first year for my
my brother and his gal- I'm going to give it to them on her first birthday.

Anonymous said...

i love ur work! definitely linked u up to our blog...

feel free to visit us...n inspire us more :o)