Thursday, June 12, 2008

I can fly!

at the airport.
remember to endlessly hug and kiss family
and mr handome (for getting up at the butt crack if dawn to get me to the airport)
and so very thankful for purchasing jag -itouch
man apple rocks my socks!

Boarding in 10 minutes!
sprinkle me with flying fairy dust tinker bell!
I'm on my way to Nashville!
see ya bloggity

And ps: please send some prayers
I dread flying. But it's too late for that now

-super debee


dani said...

Have an amazing time, I'll be hanging out online - totally wish I could be hanging out with all you awesome girls in Nashville though!

Hope you have a great flight!

elizabeth rosemond said...

have a fantastic time!! still waiting to see the haircut :)

oh, can you email me at some point when you get back? i have a question re: our ATC swap.

Mandi Johnson said...

Debee I enjoyed meeting you so much! And Bob was right... there's something really cool about girl drummers! :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl

justa quick hi ....from Alberta Canada.. love you on SIS and love your blog...cant wait for more posts...