Thursday, January 1, 2009

i'm ready

to refresh

how 'bout you?

welcome 2009!
this is going to be a great year...
- new blog (coming soon)
- new last name ;P
- new life with my best friend Mr. Handsome... ack! it's fast approaching
- new wedding planning/blogging (hopefully i don't scare you with my OCD :o) ha! )
- new job (i LOVE it.)
- new art...can't wait to see the changes in my work this year. ( i LOVE change)
- more friends
- more life...less drama
- more flickr lovin'
- more goals to reach (aim high!)

I was going through this past year and could not help but think of all the wonderful opportunities getting involved with scrapbooking allowed me in '08. Then my mind started racing with images of LO's I had made during the much has evolved. So many changes. Some gradual and some no so much.

I remembered this page.

love never fails

I made this for round three of the fashionista search early february of last year. I had yet to venture into spray paint. Still a little rough around the edges learning my new sewing machine. And generally wanting to experiment more in art to fill the creative void away from mumbo jumbo called work. This page is so personal to me. So meaningful in a way that really was my purpose for not only 08 but life.

fOcus is so hard sometimes. I'm always busy doing something...thinking of stuff to do...lists, write it down, cross it off, and start anew the next day. Me Me Me... blah. I easily forget to remember my life lessons. Stop. fOcus. live with less clutter in my head and heart. Not just my home. Having been to Cambodia twice I learned that smiling is still possible through poverty. Genuinely caring and loving everyone is truly the most beautiful thing to behold & cherish. Pride will always hurt you and those you love. Fear is common. Get uncomfortable. be Brave.

My journaling came from Jars of Clay: Worlds Apart. Such a beautiful song. My life goal is to live this truth: Love never fails. Always always love. So here is to a beautiful new beginning. A fresh new year to start over. Love mr. handsome. Love my family. Love my friends. Love my enemies. & love myself.

when all else fails, we still have love.
happy new year:: feliz ano nuevo


Bekka said...

I'm so excited for your 2009! So many great things to look forward to!

And I forgot there was a pre-spray paint Debee. :)

Happy New Year!

Us said...

happy new year. silent visitor, but i had a question...are you portuguese?

metrochic said...

happy new year, beauty. i can't wait to see where it brings us both. xoxo.

AlexM said...

Feliz año nuevo Debee. I wish you all the best for 2009!

Carrie Lee said...

Happy new year Debee :)
I will be starting out the new year in CA.. I am coming back to see my family and hopefully my Grandma. Wish I was coming under better circumstances.. would love to have coffee... wine.. but not so, this time.. have a terrific new year... XOXO

Denise said...

Happy New Year Debbee. Love is a good goal. I say Amen to that!

MeganK said...

Hope you had a wonderful Holiday! I love how you said "When all else fails, we still have love." I love that. It's so true.


dani said...

happy new year beautiful!

Anonymous said...

happy new year sweets!

angie backen said...

hi lovely.
thank you for the bits you sent. <3
and happy '09 to you!
looking forward to watching you fly. grow. love. create.

missing you.

Pretty Arty said...

love all this journaling! this is so decorative and meaningful at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Love your work! Will be dropping by very often debee =) Thanks for the inspiration!