Thursday, February 11, 2010

treasure love

still enjoying our day trip to SF even after almost a month. I'm not usually one for mini's or even journaling but this was a fun little mix. I love that the pages are so small... you're done so quickly. i think i took more time printing the pictures than putting this little mini together hahaa! :)

- this is my little cover -
SF love

- my favorite person ever - (sorry lucky - ((my dad's doggie))
mister xo

my favorite eye candy. ( i sure wish i could afford this place. *swoon*)
timeless treasures

more vintage love from the same store above. ( i love that mister let me look around, for a good hour or so. and he didn't hurt me :)
eye candy

my super cool R. i am thinking of starting a collection of letters. and can you guess which letter is my fav? ;P

bought it, love it. kiss it. hug it,... mr handsome gets a little jealous. but really, only us girls can understand a deep deep love for anthro. xo am i right? amen.
my fav. xo

ah... the watercolours, the type and the cut out... all make me a happy art lover. this makes me want to cancel everything else i'm supposed to do today and run to the nearest museum. especially in this rainy weather. care to join me? :)
love xoxo art

it just cannot explain just how precious this little mini is to me.
i quickly finished a few pages and ran to show the mister. because it matters that he likes it. okay, so the pictures of him in the book he's not too excited about. but hot dang... that man is hot stuff :)

ooh. and so is the anthro page xoxo


Unknown said...

you're so cute! :) sweet mini! My guy always lets me take my time looking around anthro,'s so nice to have them, isn't it?

Bekka said...

You are a whiz with a sewing machine. Pretty, pretty.

And someday I will make it to anthro. Someday...

Stephanie said...

Awww, I spent my honeymoon in SF. It will forever have a special place in my heart.

Your mini is to.die.for.

Nina said...

This mini is just many gorgeous details, I could look at it forever! :)

Anonymous said...

that mini is just so adorable. i think we are the luckiest girls in the world to have our guys go shopping with us and put up with us.

pakosta said...

cutest little mini book ever! I just love it! you are so talented!

Jennifer Evans said...

Man, I love it! Makes me want to dig out my paint and sewing machine. Sigh! But, have to find them first. ;)

My new scrap space is almost ready... then I can play.