Tuesday, May 11, 2010

candy in a jar

today i wanted to share with you a new addition to the belladrummer etsy shop: pretty butterfly embellishments :)

i have a jar full of buttons that have been sitting around for ages, i decided to share them in this sweet form. Hopefully not only eye candy but also embellie candy for your art and whatever else you can dream up :)

been busy with the spray can and paint brush, and i am happy.

this weekend has been such a wonderful time with family. i hope you had a beautiful celebration too. In the picture below you see a flower pot and that was our gift to my mom. She loves flowers :) I love the colorful medley. Seemed to pair well with the new paper garland also going into the shop. I decided to make the garlands bigger and added some felt circles, i love playing with felt! Also some pretty tickets, paper punches and some happy cardstock.

This pretty garland is still hanging in our kitchen making me super happy every morning when i step into the kitchen to put together mr.handsome's lunch. Sigh* color. it's the best therapy. ;P

and because i love you, i also wanted to share my other form of therapy.... STARBUCKS :P

so if mr.handsome come's by looking for me, you know where i'm at hahaa

hoping today is bright and happy for you with some blended love in liquid form,



danielle said...

beautiful again!
And my little one is in love with Starbucks strawberry frapps...wonder if they're doing that happy hour here in Mexico? Things like this make me super miss the States...

Bekka said...

I did not know about Starbucks happy hour. This makes me very happy. :)