Tuesday, May 25, 2010

color party up in here :)

color party...

oh color,
Sometimes we hide from each other.
we're a little shy.
but i like you and you seem to like me too.
i invited you in and you took over my little corner.
so sweet with your new tissue garland, your lovely peonies and your very pretty crochet bag.

I've enjoyed our little color party all weekend :)

not only because your color welcomes in happy smiles
but because it's been a good distraction to all the spring cleaning that needs to be done around the studio *wink*wink*

i like a color party break time ;P

about every 10 minutes or so.

ahhh..... so pretty. we even had a sweet visitor to play with.

blinging out her graduation cap.
we had so much to celebrate!
my sweet little sis was in town and graduated from university over the weekend hooray!

ahhh.... good times.... good times indeed.

color party break time over,
so much going on in the studio. New work chair, new rug, and some new storage to keep this place looking pretty & sweet.
but all i can do is stare into this little corner and day dream :)

sit and stay a while please,



Unknown said...

LOVE your pretty corner! I've got some pretty (and HUGE) peonies hanging around all over my home, too!

elizabeth kartchner said...

love it.

I just made a banner for my daughter's birthday tomorrow. Can't get enough of them.


Jennifer Evans said...

Flowers just do it for me! This is my first year working and living on a camp/retreat center. There are gardens everywhere and the peonies are taking turns blooming. The bright red ones are done but now it is the pink's turn. I need to cut some and I think I am going to chick-a-fy the office tomorrow. ;) Maybe sneak one home to make my day...

merryheart2 said...

aww, sweetie. i just read about your
CTS and your outpatient surgery. i hope you are all better soon.
i love you happy little corner.

jamie said...

missed you. hope you are feeling some better.
loved the color party. having a red one for my mama's birthday party.

Melissa Mann said...

Love the color! Have a happy week, pretty lady :-)

Denise said...

oh Debee-your little corner is soo pretty! hope you had a wonderful week.

iHanna said...

I love colour too, and just found your blog. What a delight, your photos are beautiful!

shannon said...

yay i've received my happy mail from your lovely belladrummer shop. can't wait to use everything. i hope you're doing okay! :) looking fwd to the next blog post

amyelizabeth said...

Hi there, I'm new to your blog but loving it so far! Might I inquire where you got that gorgeous red/orange chair? I must have it! :)

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

I loooove the bright colors with the Anthro chair! Yay pink =)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours! Just wanted to say I've just stumbled across your blog and am utterly in love with it. Will be back for sure, love your style!

Jen. x

The Moldy Cannoli said...

I do believe that I could sit in that little corner for hours and hours, either reading or crafting or just sitting and thinking. So cute, and so creative.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous - please tell me where you got the large white flowers hanging up...

Relyn Lawson said...

There's nothing like paper lanterns and garland to cheer a place up and bring a constant smile. I'm happy just to look at your creative space. I can just imagine all the great energy generated in such happy surroundings.