Thursday, May 13, 2010

crochet paparazzi ;P

kiss me xoxo

these little ones know how to work it. How can they not make you happy just looking at them right?


i made this little shadow box love after a few custom requests to put together some crochet love. I was nervous. Not knowing for sure if they would be loved as much as i love them. Enough to buy kinda love. And for me, enough to let go :)

But they were and i am so happy to offer these pretties in my shop starting tomorrow.

crochet circles
circles and flowers = love xoxo

crochet flowers

I have been asked to make a kit for this, so that it comes with everything you see in the shadow box, ( minus the mr.handsome of course ;) So I will take your thoughts on this pretty please? Would you be interested?

i'll love you long time :)


Jennifer Evans said...

I just loooove the flowers! Sigh!

Ashleigh said...

I think the flowers are gorgeous! Love the circles too!

angie backen said...

i'm thinking i should've watched you a little closer. i've tried making them and wound up with... i don't even know what. lol!

super cuteness.

Bekka said...

I just love those circles.

Amy said...

Oooh, I'd love the patterns for these!!