Sunday, May 9, 2010

feliz dia de las madres

happy mothers day 2010

to all the mama's out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

this year i am most thankful for my mama & mr. handsome's mama.

this year being on our own, we can really appreciate the upbringing we received from our mama's.
I especially am thankful for mr.handsome's mama.
she taught him well :)

he's so respectful of me, my body, my mind and heart. I love that he appreciates my role as wife. I am a equal partner in this marriage. I am his and he is mine. this is all taught by action and not just words. I know his mother plays a major role in who he is now. And i do agree he is the most perfect son :) (with perfect feet and all- i hate that he has perfect feet. and his mom tells everyone so they know it :P )

someday, i too will be a mama and hope to live up to these two wonderful women in my life.
but today i am very thankful for all the mama's who instill respect, love and compassion in their children.
today, i am reaping the rewards of a man well taught by his mama :)

counting my blessings,


Bekka said...

Amen. My husband is also the product of a good momma. :) I'm truly thankful for that.

Sasha Farina said...

Amen Amen.
you're such a sweet girl.

susan said...

Both your mama's should be proud. You are such a delight and the two of you are such a sweet couple.

jamie said...

sweet words. your m-i-l should be proud.
and i really love that banner in your photo. my fav so far!!!

Denise said...

oh how I pray that my boys wives will be saying the same things about them! That would be the proudest moment for me as a momma.

danielle said...

such a nice post!
Here in Mexico Mother's Day has been a 4 day party now, but I think us and all moms deserve it! Lovely garland, too!