Thursday, May 20, 2010

miss me much?

missed you

hey hey :)

ahhhh blog land how are you this beautiful thursday morning?

I am wishing it was friday again, but i always do that, even on mondays :)

these past few days have been a little lonely here in blogville. but i assure you i am still here.
Yesterday i finally did something about my CTS. I met with my doctor, discussed options and ended up with a referral and two shots in my back for pain.

I will be honest. Life has been a little rough these past few days, even these past few months. CTS seems to be winning some days. And other days I feel pretty good. The only problem was that I was having more bad than good. And by bad I only mean to say, pain wise. I'm not by any means a pill popper. I am afraid of that being my only solution. Fighting the fatigue on my arms had me worried about so many things physically, mentally and even spiritually.

I am not perfect. But i am okay with that. I just want to be healthy. :)

I even faced my fears with surgical procedures and at the last minute, had a quick out patient surgery yesterday :) hooray for me! And, I was all by myself, I didn't have to pull anyone from their work time. I simply waited with mr.handsome on the phone. Calmed down, and three stitches later, voila.... limpy leg and all, so very happy to be a little healthier.

So here I am, after a mini blog vacay, back in business. I still had fun sending out pretty packages from my little etsy shop. And who would have thought that those cute little circle motifs would be a big hit?! I sure didn't expect that. But I did enjoy some much needed crochet time :) Thank you from the bottom of my little heart. I am very happy to say, that even in these tough days, I do still enjoy what I do. Designing, crafting and running my little shop.

here's to more good days :)



Unknown said...

I've missed you! I was 'off' last week, too, so I feel like it's been FOREVER!

Mari said...

missed you:)
So sad to still be reading that you are in a lot of pain with your CTS:( I had this a couple of years ago, but had surgery a year after I got the first symptoms.
Isn't surgery an option? or is it that you fear surgery?
I havn't had any problems with my left hand after the surgery (exept some stiffness in my thumb in the beginning, caused by the lack of training, I simply forgot to bend the thumb *blush*)

Hopefully I'll just be a one-arm-cts'er. I havn't felt anything in my right hand yet.

And we are kinda young to have this thing, at least that's what they told me. Usually it's old men who has been working hard with their hands, or old ladies who has been doing a lot of crafts *lol*
But someone has to be a part of those 30 % who has CTS, right?

Miss you!!
Hope you have e GREAT weekend, finally FRIDAY!!


Anonymous said...

it's that wonderful day between thursday and saturday... the boss has lost control... and i'm giddy... it's FRIDAY!!! ... love ya ;)

Jennifer Evans said...

Yeah! I have to say that I did miss you. Understand about the CTS. Mine is doing a little better. But, it's like you said, there are good days and bad. Not sure if I could have surgery on both hands. Do they do it one at a time? Anyway... have a great relaxing weekend.

Denise said...

Your shop update is gorgeous Debee. I hope your CTS is resolved. I so enjoy your posts!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

what a beautiful picture. I love flowers, I love bright flowers and I'm loving your blog.