Friday, November 12, 2010

all dolled up

doily ring delight

Happy friday everyone!

Today i want to share my love for doilies with you. This little ring makes my little heart melt. xoxo
And as i'm sure i'm not the only doily lover out there *wink*wink* so I thought this would be a great gift to giveaway to one of my blog friends :)

my heart melts

I made this mini vintage crochet motif into a ring by simply slip stitching the edges together. I have a whole drawer full of these little motifs and I think I've found an equally lovely way to repurpose them :) So if you win this little cutie pie, you will be all dolled up and looking fabulous my dear xoxo

giving lovely

I love it so much I'm going to wear mine out today :)

eye candy

i quickly wanted to share a few answers to a couple of questions many of you had, mostly about the yarn that i use... for the extraordinary blanket i used the above yarn ( from left to right )

purple: vintage thrift find
mustard yellow: vintage thrift find
pollen yellow: red heart yarn
salmon: vintage thrift find
olive green: vintage thrift find
aqua blue: red heart yarn

(in the middle, from left to right)
pink: vanna's choice
aran cream: red heart yarn
yellow: vanna's choice
red: red heart yarn

As for the hooks, I'm not sure which hooks are permitted to carryon during flights but I was able to carryon an ergonomic hook that looks like this. I would just make sure to ask at the check-in area before you try carrying anything through. Ps: I LOVE those hooks they really really do save you time and pain :)

Also, many of you lovelies expressed interest in purchasing a handmade crochet item from this weeks sharing. I would love to make you a little something something so please if you have any more questions or interest in an item email me or leave a comment - thank you all so much for sharing some crochet love with me! xoxo

okay, now for the giveaway!

For your chance to win International entries are always welcome. :) please tell me:

What is something you'd like to learn for 2011?

For me, it's a tie between learning to knit and sew. I feel like i can learn anything but when it comes to learning these 2 things i seriously just hit a road block. So for 2011 I am making it my goal to not only attempt learning but to actually work through it and complete a project. I have an entire year so I think that should be enough time to figure it out :)

I will pick a winner Monday morning!

good luck everyone :)

so here's to more handmade love all the way around


Christen E. Krumm said...

i wanna learn how to make granny squares!!


love love this ring!! so cute!!

rhonda said...

I am with you on sewing, I want to be able to sew on layouts and cards so I am asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win!

Emily said...

i would love to learn to sew. i have a vintage sewing machine that is a complete workhorse. it stares at me daily just asking to be used.

Saskia said...

Oh yes, sewing, I have a machine, but I really need to learn some basic skills on it.
And I need to learn to finish something before starting something new... *sigh* ;)

Great ring, if I don't win I hope you will post a pattern!
Happy weekend!

Valerie said...

I would love to learn how to crochet :) How did you learn? Is there a book that you can recommend?
All of your crochet creations are so lovely! I love your little ring :)

Danielle said...

Beautiful ring! I would LOVE to have one of these :)

I really want to learn how to crochet and to sew some basic pieces of clothing.

Enjoy the weekend!

Rachel Greig said...

I'd love to learn how to crochet and one other thing I'd love to do is create a bed quilt for my daughter.
To answer Valerie's question - I did see a youtube video that showed the basics on how to crochet.;" I just need to sit down and learn it myself too!!!!

Irini said...

I too want to learn how to sew...I have this vitage sewing machine that still has not been serviced...I was supposed to use it in your inspired lovely slack am I?
the ring is super cute!!!!

Amy said...

that is so gorgeous! i would like to learn more about bookmaking.

Unknown said...

I'd like to learn how to alter various objects (:

brianne sheppard said...

I want to be able to learn how to make a cathedral style quilt... my local quilt store has a class so I have no excuse! I saw the CUTEST wall hanging the other day...

Bekka said...

In 2011, I want to learn how to calm a crying baby. Because I'm going to need that skill. :)

The ring is beautiful. And that might be the prettiest little pumpkin I've ever seen.

Tonya said...

Love the ring, and the yarn, yummy.
In 2011 I'd like to learn to crochet more than the one pattern I know. Maybe make a hat or something.

Živilė said...

My sis is obssesd to learn sewing :) Most probably she will. While me, I am planning to learn how to make better & more interesting photos, since I need them desperately for my scrapbooking :)

Janina Lear said...

In 2011 other than trying to learn how to be tidy I really really want to learn how to crochet doilies...I am currently obsessed by them

Anonymous said...

I love this ring!!! I'd like to improve crochet and learning to sew, now I'm a bit... free style :)))
ciao from Italy!

Vanessa said...

there is so much I want to learn in 2011! First thing is learning how to read crochet and knitting patterns better. They are really intimidating to me, I can make things if someone teacehs me, but I would like to be able to read and translate myself.

I do have a question, doesnt thrifted yarn creep you out? Do you wash it? I have found tons of yarn at thrift stores but I have never bought any cos I am afraid it will be gross or smell

Cate said...

I would like to learn how to crochet. I can knit, bit for some reason crocheting has just not stuck. So I'd like to learn and actually make things. :)

Sweet Escape said...

I want to learn how to use my dSLR and photoshop elements!! Im giving myself to fully understand my camera. I wanna capture the perfect picture!!

p.s. I know you'll learn to knit and sew miss debee! I started sewing barbie clothes when I was really young and they werent perfect at all!!

cindy said...

I want to learn to crochet granny squares. ALso I want to start an art journal. Fingers crossed that both of these come to be in 2011!

Serena said...

I want to learn not to get discouraged and sad about the trials and stresses of our current situation of where we live - the heat, the flies, the isolation, the lack of regular fresh fruit and vegies as well as all the other things I am used to having on a regular basis. To be positive around my kids about this experience and opportunity, and of course to try and be a better mum, wife etc - we will have 3 kids by early January so trying to juggle them and count my blessings.

Nina said...

I'd love to learn how to make little animated videos on my computer... Just to tell some small funny stories :)

What an adorable ring, Debee! Your talent and creativity amaze me.

CHlife said...

i would love to learn to crochet "again". my grandmother taught me many moons ago but i sadly dont remember anything now..

Tami said...

I would love to learn how to knit a pair of socks using DPN's. Can't seem to get started and maybe learn to crochet some of those pretty little circles I've purchased from you in the past :-)

LoriS said...

Love that ring....soooo sweet. I need to learn to finish projects. I totally relate to your need to justify the pattern magazine purchase. I buy too many things that I don't get around to finishing. My Mr. H does not challenge these purchases, but he must be frustrated. I'd be very proud of myself if I fixed this. (Before there is a need for an intervention! :)