Tuesday, November 9, 2010

baby steps

i'm building up a little nest of things for the future :)

little red shoes

call me crazy but earlier this year i had the sudden urge to start making things for a little one. not for right now, maybe in the future :) it's always good to be prepared i guess. I've had quite a few conversations with crafty mama's and all pretty much said the same thing. during there pregnancy they had not one ounce of energy to create. so for that reason, and just because they are just SO adorable i started making these little shoes.

baby steps if you will.

little red shoes 2


don't look too close as one shoe is remarkably bigger than the other hahaa!
it's just the nature of learning. now a random joke between mr.handsome and myself. we laugh it off :)

the loveliest shoes in my nest

and then i made these. my second attempt and still the same thing.. one little shoe... one bigger shoe. ahh... well, i think it might be a hint or something but i guess everything has its quirks. i kept it just the same. i joke that i will just velcro the larger shoe to the baby's foot :) hahaa!

mary jane shoes

the little buttons were a thrift find for only a quarter. The little straps actually unbutton it's just the cutest thing! i couldn't stop buttoning and unbuttoning them i was very surprised as it was my first attempt ever to create a loop for a button. success!

wee little shoes

i also couldn't help myself from playing with them. i sometimes think they are too small but they are supposed to fit newborns so i guess this is a reasonable size. if not, it will fit barbie...hehee.

baby steps

the nest of things is growing with all things soft and cuddly, i'm patting myself on the back for at least finishing these quirky shoes. :) all patterns were purchased from etsy seller hollanddesigns.

now if only kids never grew up with bigger feet right?

so here they are..a starting point for my little nest.

if you have been wanting to learn to crochet i have to tell you something.
- youtube crochet for video tutorials ( i am a visual learner so this rewind capability is amazing.
- find hooks at your local thrift store for super cheap. You can even find inexpensive yarn there. It doesn't have to cost much at all.
- Then sign up for free at Ravelry or the big yarn name brands like Lion Brand or Red Heart and search through hundreds of free & easy patterns for projects.

i'm on my second year of learning and still taking baby steps into creating more complicated projects but you can never finish something you don't even start. :)

happy hook & yarn love sweets,


Nelly said...

They are so dainty and beautiful!

me, rachel said...

oh! those are beautiful! My sister-in-law just had a baby, and another just found out she's pregnant, and I've been busy knitting up little baby hats! But these are sooo cute!

Also, I love your idea of creating beautiful things for your own future baby...maybe I'll start :-)

Elisa said...

they are the cutest thing i´ve ever seen :) you rock as always!!!!

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

These are so adorable and great photos of them, too

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

These are so cute and great photos too

blue china studio happy said...

Those are the cutest! Simply adorable. Like the red too.

Jenny said...

Aaaahhhh...so adorable!!!!!! You are right...you have no energy to create while pregnant and then no time to create after having the baby!!! Good for you for starting early...maybe you might want to make a blue pair with no flower...you never know when you might have a boy!! LOL!!!

Bekka said...

You are so right! I finally caught the crochet bug the other night...only to have my hands start cramping up. Plus, the pattern I used wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to, so I quit before I became too frustrated. But the yarn-pile is still on the coffee table, so maybe I'll try again.

Love the shoes, btw. Too adorable. I need to find some good boy-shoe patterns.

Paz said...

Those are just beautiful and precious:)

Irini said...

Oh *sigh* these booties make me clucky......they are absolutely gorgoeus!
I hope you and mr handsome fill your nest soon!

m said...

oh my gosh they are just sooooooooooooooo adorbale !!! I'd make them and put them in a box frame just to look at and I don't even have any babies !! :o) Lovely blog too - just came across it by accident x

Nina said...

Oh, those must be the cutest baby shoes I've ever seen. Love them! Thanks for encouraging us to start crocheting.....some day, maybe I'll try it out :)

Keshet said...

So SO cute!!

Jessie Fincham said...

absolutey adorable!!! definately a good idea to start early I think :) great job, keep up the good work I'm such a fan of your blog!

laurie's blog said...

hi, i just wanted to say these baby slippers are amazingly adorable =) so cute!!!!!! keep up the good work your blog is amazing so far LOVE IT!!