Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blessings & joy

blessings & joy

today i woke up a little earlier than i usually do to make these very tasty treats for mr.handsome & his wonderful work family :) I LOVE his work family. I can't quite call them co-workers anymore... i think as the years pass they really are closer friends & new family to us. I've worked with some pretty awful people in my life and now that i'm lonely and self-employed i've adopted mr.handsome and his work family as my very own too :) i definitely appreciate people who make their job fun, positive and even silly :) And in honor of that i wanted to say thank you by showering them with one thing i absolutely undeniably love... carbs. holy rolly pollie i love carbs :P

totally thankful for carbs

so this thanksgiving i'm quite thankful for my new friends. who let me sit in for some really important "meetings" over lunch. Whom appreciate the little details ( like the pretty paper cups + cute decorative cake toppers ). and who take care of my mister handsome as he "works" madly in their corner of the world a few hours a day. or hardly works. whatevs. ;)

i printed out the words "blessings and joy" onto regular paper and then pinked the edges.
next i added a little tape runner glue on the paper then wrapped it around a toothpick.
I glued 2 different leaf paper punches from 2 different coordinating papers.
As a little extra twinkle treat i added a cute mini bling over the leaves.

I loved the smell of pumpkin bread in the morning.
add some creamy white frosting... sprinkle some toasted pecans + sugar beads = some pretty loaded sweet calories. what the heck. i'm not really counting :)

brown yarn love

this week I'm working on a few projects for family & friends. I rolled up 3 skeins of yarn into one HUGE fluff of a ball. i guess i better get back to it huh ? tomorrow in between naps, you can bet a slice of pumpkin pie that i'll be crocheting and dragging this ball of fluff around. lunch at my parents. dinner at his :) oh.dear.

also, I have a cute update coming up this friday for the shop. Some new items. A cute little giveaway i designed. and even some free shipping. and you don't even have to stand in a heck of a long line :)

have a sweet & blessed thanksgiving loves,


Irini said...

Happy thanksgiving!

Iris (Iridee├źn) said...

What a wonderful gesture!

Astrid Mueller said...

Hmmm those cupcakes look delicious and so pretty! Did you take the photos yourself? Food photography can be tricky {honestly, most food photos are pretty good at making me want to diet, haha}. Congrats to the lovely photography, good karma back to you for being so thankful, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jaszmurka said...

They are lucky to have you as a friend :)

Bekka said...

The cupcake is so pretty! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

jamie said...

happy thanksgiving sweet debee and mr. handsome!
your cupcakes are lovely...sugar beads and all.
enjoy your day!
(can't wait for your shop on kind of black friday.)