Monday, November 8, 2010

extraordinary love

extraordinary blanket

there is so much love in this blanket. I cannot tell you just how happy it makes me every time i snuggle up with it. I quickly remember the traveling... from huge balls of yarn to a huge blanket over the span of our trip up to seattle & canada.

yarn love

i was determined to finish it and i did. :) ( you can make one too! just follow tif's easy peasy how to tutorial here ) it started with one row on the day before i made my way up to the dottie angel workshop in seattle. ( the only thing i changed was my starting chain was only 25, i wanted more squares and added 6 squares tall instead of 5 and 5 squares wide instead of 4. ) it continued during my stay at the mansion quickly beavering away at the only thing i really felt confident in doing.

here we are beavering away and looking lovely as dottie dearies :)

photo credit: the amazing and lovely maggie

and even more beavering.
i think i look a bit rabid ;P
photo credit: the amazing and lovely maggie

but indeed i was only concentrating. :)
lost in my thoughts. hmm.. no. not really. actually i think i was
counting chains. i always lose count and it is so dang frustrating. but here it just looks like i was in my own little world...deep deep in thought. hahaa! i kid. i get this way whenever i am thinking too hard.
I was obsessed.
my goal was to come back home with a finished project. and dangit. i was gonna make it happen!

the blanket continued to grow as we drove through seattle up to canada... singing songs to mr.handsome ( he was so happy lol :) then back down through seattle and on our flight home.

birdie corner

I got home and added the finishing touch by adding the border. and it was done. i blocked it. then sewed the doilies (5 total) and really loved loved loved it. you know that moment after you first wash your blanket and it comes tumbling out of the dryer with all the softener smell and you wrap the lush soft warm huggy blanket around you?

good.ness. i LOVE. that.

those are the memories that tickle me.

the world is a better place
crochet + afghans = xoxo

and that's just what this corner of the world needed :)

thank you kindly for letting me share,
happy monday love xo


Unknown said...

It's beautiful! Well done. :)

Danielle said...

Oh goodness what a cozy, lovely little corner you have there! This really makes me want to learn how to crochet! It has been on my list of crafts to learn for a long time :)

jackiebean said...

how sweet! you did a lovely job on your crocheted afghan. they always remind me of my grandmother.

i, too, would love to learn how to crochet someday. embroidery is my current crafty passion!


Rachel Chieppa said...

It's a beautiful piece of art. Congratulations on finishing it!

Carrie Lee said...

Hi Debbie!!
Carrie Here... just wanted to stop by and catch up! I love the afghan! It is sooooo sweet. There is nothing quite like finishing a big project like that... to think....thousands of little loop, hook, pull through... repeat. Whew! Well, I am learning to knit... after years of crochet... I thought it was time. I plan on making some mittens.COZY!!!!
I am a busy bee as always...Take care my sweet friend. Thank you for continuing to inspire! XXOO

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

It is SO beautiful! I absolutely love it and feel so inspired!! What kind of yarn did you use?
Thank you for sharing Debee-it's absolutely lovely.

Jen Kolakowski

Denise said...

oh my I can't believe how much I love that blanket. okay, I don't need another obsession but I think I need to learn how to crochet. When I am far gone I will blame it on you!

bethchien said...

haha you RABID thinker, you!
and WOW!!!!!!!! IT TURNED OUT SO GORGEOUS, GIRL! So beautiful and unique and cool and just plain awesome!!!!!!! love it!

bethchien said...

I am sharing it on my tumblr. so there! :P

bethchien said...

oops. never mind. haha I can't. sorry!

Pixie said...

Beautiful. I wish my girlfriends were into this kind of stuff. :( I craft in silence and live vicariously through my blog buddies as they call us. Love the photo of the reminds me of a painting I've seen of women sitting around knitting and darning.

Unknown said...

Ok- I'm gonna do it. I'm going to teach myself how to do a granny square so that I can crochet on the plane next month while on you know if/what crochet hooks are allowed on planes? I don't even know what kind I have. ;) I love your's beautiful!

Sasha Farina said...

that afghan is just too adorable. you are too!

Unknown said...

I finished my first crochet blanket a couple of weeks ago :)

it took FOREVER!! I started the dottie angel one but i had mixed my yarns and it was a sizing disaster!! So i want to start again :) I was thinking of doing a red and white one for xmas as ive been crocheting snowflakes like a demon :)

Yours is so bright. Its hard not to love something so much when you put so much love into making it!! It looks fab :)

Elisa said...

beautiful blanket, i wish i had your ability :)

kristen davis said...

beautiful! i think i just found my next project... :)

Bekka said...

Wow! Totally amazed that you finished that on the trip! It's beautiful!

Unknown said...

Your blanket is so lovely!!!!
My mom just finished mine, totally inspired by your cute cozy blanket! :) Thanks, thanks, thanks, for sharing!!

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