Friday, November 5, 2010

happy birthday mister

birthday balloons

today my favoritist person in the WHOLE wide universe (aka: mr.handsome :) turns 100. ha! just kidding. every birthday i always try to add a couple of extra years to mister handsome's age just because he is slightly younger than me :) i don't mind it. really. i just don't want to look older than him. but that's another story... today we celebrate the handsome man with a national day off. Oh didn't you hear? you don't have to go to work today ;P

today we ditch a little work for some fancy lunch date.the batting yummy cake & ice & friends and lots of happy memories.

hot hot hot

today it seems like it will be another hot one. holy crazy rolli polli! it's been hoooooooOt like slurpee weather hot. 100 degrees hot mama hot. But i'd rather this than gloom. i really love the sun :)

xo memories

and speaking of hot... i almost forgot to share this layout/sketch i made for cocoa daisy: XO memories. Mostly about our recent trip last month up to Seattle and Canada. Very fun memories. definitely a huge creative boost :) Journaling is pretty random but so is my brain. gotta stay true to that *wink*wink*

journaling reads:
pretty excited about learning
new things
lovely new friends
beautiful surroundings
hello mr.handsome
happy anniversary my love
sunshine filled memories
fluttering around my mind
xoxo never let this moment

so sunshine cake and good times.
i'm so excited! happy friday! I wish you a very warm hug and cold starbucks frap :P

next week, i have a little crochet goodness to share with you. Despite the heat I've been crocheting my little heart out and have some cute finished projects to share :) One for each day starting Monday. woot woot!

have a beautiful day sweets,


Irini said...

Happy Birthday to Mr handsome....I wish him all the happiness in the world....and to always be by your side ;-)

Keshet said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! Love the layout!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!
love your layout Debee, it has such a beautiful dreamy quality to it.

Elisa said...

happy birthday to your Mr. :)
sorry for being late :)
i hope you had a great day!!!!

Bekka said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband!