Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gold & Glitter

This month has been all about creating new items using only things we already sell in the shop.  I get crazy excited about playing with ideas for new things to make for the shop. Even more so with the challenge of only using a limited supply :)  Not enough time in the day is always my excuse but lately it's been really really good to make it a point and "play" for a bit each day. I used to be all about finishing a project in a day. It's funny how you are forced to change a little bit just to go with the flow of life. 

Dipped a few wooden tags in some pretty paints left over from the Mason Jar workshop and made these chic tags.

> Loving <
Glitter & wood combination
Handmade tassels jazzed up with sequins & fabric

New hang tags perfect gift tags for someone who constantly forgets to get a card for every gift ;)
i do this ALLLLLLLL the time! hahaaa! Or maybe because card shopping is just not something i remember when i'm at the store & birthdays etc just sneak up on me! Who knows, but these tags make gifting easier on a pinch & cost less than a card. ;)

Can't forget that twine. Also included with the tags. XOXO

+ + + + + + + +

Super Awesome.

+ + + + + + + +

The tags + the wooden painted tags + gold glittery geometric XOXO + handmade tassels
+ + + + + + + +

+ + + + + + + +

They are also available embellished just like this :) 

And a few stamps I'm loving right now to gift & stamp my heart out.  Super fun & cute. Mason jars are classic. I have to show you a picture of my thrift shop collection. Awesome :)

And just a reminder: FREE SHIPPING ends this Friday, May 23. 

 coupon code: SHIPSFREE  on all orders over $25 ( domestic) 
 coupon code: FREESHIPXO on all orders over $60 ( international )
( Total must be $25 or $60 before shipping + tax etc.)

Off to get messy & glitter everywhere :)
Happy Wednesday lovelies!



craftykellyj said...

Love all of this! My fav is that jar stamp!

Unknown said...

Guuuauuu!! Love it, you are an artist ;D Kisses from Madrid ¡¡muá, muá!!