Monday, March 31, 2008

Bundle of goodness

So lately I've had such a great/productive time in the studio. But how could you tell? Especially since I wasn't sharing. So sorry. Some of the LO's were bugging me. I put them up so I can feel them ya know? No? Seriously? Oh... never mind. Me either *blush*. Okay- so 2 of the LO's were bugging me. Like not finished bugging. Meaning I needed to change SOMETHING. Except the silly thing is, it doesn't come to me right away. Yeah, I'm crazy. I know that and now you do to :)

So I changed a couple of things. Added-unglued-cut and pasted stuff around and I likey now. Except I got lazy and didn't take pics of them. What is with that? I guess because I have it right in front of me and I'm enjoying it, I just forget to share.
Bad bad debee. All full size images can be seen here.

I stiched and then stitched some more, played with hole punches and dangit-tried not to UHU and sew myself onto my LO's in the process. It's CRAZY- then the last thing I WANTED to do was to take a good picture of it. PLUS, I work late at night cuz I love upsetting people around me when they sleep :) No. JK. I just work better that way- the latter really just happens and I choose not to care about it. Tough people. I've got PROJECTS TO FINISH OKAY?!?!


Lisa kicked my sorry rear into action in her last comment here about putting her mini challenge last on my To-Do list. She said I should scrap Mr. Handsome. Well my sweet Lisa, I sent a letter to Mr. Handsome advising him of this situation and here it is:

Mr. Handsome
Please STOP smiling like Chandler in Friends ALL THE TIME! The 4 GB memory card can hold up to 1,000 LARGE images of your beautiful non-Chandler smiles. BUT I REFUSE TO TAKE ANY OF YOUR CHEESY SMILES AND SCRAP THEM!!! This is really expensive paper ya with me? I don't wanna have to waste any of it on cheesyness. AND Mona Lisa (the camera) is really hurt both on a personal and creative level when you smile beautifully only when she isn't looking. She's not asking you to Vogue for pete's sakes! Oh. Juan. (nevermind)
We look forward to seeing you in the future,
AKA- the love of your life and future personal scrapbooker paparazzi wife/queen and cash guzzler.


I have yet to receive any official response from Mr.Handsome...I'll keep ya up to date.

So I DID do Lisa's challenge. Oh YES! And I love it. OKAY- I did not use pictures of Mr. Handsome (please refer to above paragraph) but I did scrap the next best thing, being together with him. (the crowd awww's) Yes. It's true, I love spending time with him so I took pics of his toes (he's got the best looking toes EVER) I hate them cuz they make mine look like wrinkly cheetos :( But anyway, so I scrapped our new fav place in Coronado.

I do not pretend to know how to SEW. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SEW!!!!! AMEN.
So with that being said, I take full responsibility for lack of perfection and I'm okay with that. You just try concentrating on the pretty pictures pretty please? :)

Aww rats- now I have nothing to blog about for the next month LOL :)

Oh yeah, I still need to do Sarah's happy canvas challenge!

Alright, enough sharing!
Have an awesome and happy day/week!


Kate O'Brien said...

your projects inspire me to go make right now!

dani j. said...

this post is just crackin' me up!! so funny!
love all the scrappiness too.... lovely eyecandy.

Keka said...

You never seem to stop inspiring me...I'm so happy ur a fasionista. BTW, thank u for reaching out to me and not being a blog stranger :) xoxo.

Anonymous said...

I love all your new scraps! That little mini is way too cute, girl. Love it.

By the way, I love that sewing just the way it is.

Thanks for all the inspiration. You're awesome!
Sandra :)

Anonymous said...

I just looked at my avatar photo.
YUCK. Is it just me, or do I look like Micheal Jackson in that photo?