Friday, June 27, 2008

be vewy vewy quiet

it's just so funny
i am seeing more people coming to this little blog
and you can see me
but i can't see you
and so i think it's time for me to say hi
I Love fridays
I love being at home
I've been day dreaming about my bed all day
and now am ready to get home

no creating
no preparing
just resting

how about you?
you care to join me in my rest?
or are you getting up to get me a tall cinnamon dulce frapp with extra whip on top?

(hey, a girl can dream)

come and say hi
i'm working on my bloglines right now to add to my blog
i'd love to add you
the happiest of fridays to you lovelies



Anonymous said...

I'll come out of lurkdom and say hello...:):)

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hi back...thanks for you post on my blog. Love your designs.


All That Chit Chat said...

Hi Debee. I like your new blog header. Stylish!

Please add me:

Anonymous said...

I did make them :) My mom, sister, and I own a make your own jewelry store so I usually make it, unless it's something I can buy for wayyy cheeper. A lot of times I make stuff off of sites like Anthropologie or Forever 21, so if you ever need a jewlry fixing, I can hook you up a little less expensive than they will :)

Unknown said...

Love fridays too! I meant to catch up on a lot of scrapping/creating... but I left my stuff in my car, which Phil took to work and he didn't get back till just now- 11:30 p.m.
Oh well.
Enjoy the restation! :)

staceyfike said...

hi sweets!


metrochic said...

happy friday, sweet girl. when shall i be visited by the amazing db? shall we gmail this weekend? xoxo.

Rhi said...

i'm here, as ever :)
love you x

Siany said...

hello :)

Unknown said...

love all your goodies & that you are a drummer.

chick drummer=way cool


Anonymous said...

Hello from one scrapbooking drummer gal to another! I love looking at your blog! Here's the link to mine if you're interested

Hope you had a great restful Friday!


Nichole Duenke said...

another one coming out of lurkedom! :)
i so enjoy your blog, d! have a beautiful rest of the weekend!

Bekka said...

Not de-lurking. Just saying HI! :D

Shaun said...

I know how you feel. I don't have very many, maybe 40 a day look at my blog and I am lucky if I get 2 comments. I am knew to your blog and I love it. I will be a daily visitor.

Tricia Wilson said...

Hey Debee! Just wanted to say hi!

Nikki Bellish said... your blog....and of course your art is fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING stuff on your blog!! for real!!

Nina said...

OK, I admit it... I've been lurking around your blog lately. Guess it's time for me to say hello too :)

I love your stuff, it's awesome. Always curious what you'll come up with next.


Louise said...

Oooh Im no lurker [lol], Im in Looooove with the ART!!!!

Anonymous said...

sweet girl.
i'm drinking a soy flat latte right now, want to come up for coffee and scrap time?

tiff reed said...

sundays are one of those days i kind of want to pretend i didn't count myself in on any invites. working every sat. kind of takes the fun out of weekends, enjoy your time dreaming of coffee and playdates with kerry lynn.
keep it real, too. haah.

nancy said...

Thanks for visiting me! I just love your work and you seem to have a real artist's heart... each one of your creations is precious to you, and I love that.

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Jen said...

just wanted to say hello!
i am a fellow SiS girl and i found you on Rhi's blog.
didn't make it to the versary this year but hopefully next!
love your blog!!!!

dani said...

so of course, I love the title to this post.

And rest sounds sooo good.
Working on something in therapy right now, trying to have more "focus".
I think a day in bed would help with that don't you??
(no really, because I always seem to have to have a million things going on at once...)

Look at all these comments!! you are the coolest girl in school! hehe, well, at the very least, the sweetest girl in school!


leewoodside said...

Hey girl always here checking out whats happening in your little part of the world. xx

Karin said...

Hello! Just thought I'd let you know I read your blog and I like it.
I'm Karin.
Here's mine:

Vee said...

hi chicka!!!
love your photo
smooches! :)

jen paddack-hyde said...

just stepping out of my lurking status for a moment to say hi:)

Lea said...

Hi! I just found your blog last week (don't remember how). Anyway, I love it!