Monday, June 9, 2008

the cut

goes down tonight
new bangs
new do
new highlights
dang baby
i'm SO ready

A sweet Sneak:

thanks to my ATC girls for inspiring and participating again. I will now close the requests as I think I got everyone interested in already. AND you know what? I LOVE your comments. THANKS!!!! Glad you liked both banners. Glad you like my little place. Plus when you leave a comment I love having a way to check out your little corner in the world. So don't forget to say HI! :)

and now,
i sympathize dearly with those of you on the move

:: MOVE IT::

I moved.
I am in transition. I have been in my little studio for over 6 years. I LOVE it. I had it made to my little specifications and it's gorgeous. Pretty Sky Window in my ceiling, hardwood floors and yummy sistine chapel blue -sigh-) But it's small. SO small. I have everything I own there. Yes I sleep there. Yes i have a day bed. And yes I scrap in my little studio. But having CTS has changed how I do things. I usually scrap on the ground. Jump over all the paper etc. But no more. I have seen the light. I am now moving all my scrap stuff into a new studio. Just for creating. I'm leaving my sewing machine with me. It's just to hard to part with since we love each other. LOL.jk. I just don't have as much fabric & sewing notions YET ;0) so it doesn't take up too much space. But the move. Oh geez. I hope I get everything done before SIS Anniversary. Any one else excited?! I so need some time off work I can't wait!

I did buy the pillow seat thingy (thank you anthro) and tried it out last week while making the banner.

No go. My CTS is not liking scrapping on the ground anymore-BUMMER-

Off to IKEA with the handsome dude. He loves me. If you ever want to check and test someone's undying love for you. Just take them shopping in a 2 story place with MASS loads of people. Walking at a stead fast snails pace. AND have them haul your SUPER heavy boxes around and carry them, lift them AND assemble them for you. WOW. I mean I almost took him straight to Vegas baby. But he's mine. And he's a keeper. I just don't want to be the one to propose ;P (I will post a pic of my new scrap studio space when I'm done moving)

weekend recap via { Mona }

this is how we roll in my hood
The candy man is our best friend (sorry Lucky)

My two favs, the handsome and the candy man (loaded with lots of mexican candy goodness)

Rocked the drums at church on Sunday!

WOOT WOOT *my fav part of the week*
I'm just so glad my CTS had not really gotten in the way of drumming. I WOULD JUST DIE! Ugh. But go figure, drum for God and he's got your back :)

New Bedding via IKEA

I love stripes. YUM
and yellow. It's the new me


Mandi Johnson said...

Man looks like you really put a big dent in Ikea! My mom's got CTS too... and she's still the church pianist. What you say is true! :)

Bekka said...

Can't wait to see the new 'do!

I am so excited about SISiversary!!! The wait is agonizing! :D

Rhi said...

we are bedding twins!

can't wait to see the hair.
and i can't believe you are moving out of studio before sisiversary! crazy woman.

*a matter of hours!*