Sunday, June 22, 2008

drum roll please


A HUGE first for me.
(Thank you Anna over at Pencil Lines!)
The drum LO
The guest design
The sketch

holy moly roly poly

I'm excited.

It felt so good to finally create something that I have SO much LOVE for. I've been drumming since I was 17. Right after I graduated from high school, I then became a student of drumming all summer long (and perfector of NOISE!? bwahahaa!) Such a crazy story. But long story short. I never wanted to play. Never dreamed I would BE behind a drum set. I'd always go to concerts and think-HECK yeah! The drummer rocks!

I guess you could say it was meant to be.

And my super cheesy instructional video was the BEST. I never learned anything from it other than Elvis singing pretty woman.
Hey, it came free with the set. And I turned that song into a punk song. Well, every song for that matter. I had a hard time keeping the beat :)

So here it is! YAY! I used Kl's papers for this and got all crazy artistic on it. (she inspires me to no end) I literally just let go all over this thing!
-glimmer mist
-spray paint
-rub ons
-water colors

This is the hardest secret I had to keep. And one of the hardest pages I've made. I felt like since it was the first it had to rock. It had to say everything I had felt about it the last 11 years and then some. Crazy. But it's here now. And I'm thankful. It's a piece I've been waiting this long to make and it's here. And it was worth it.

play on
play up
and play LOUD


Lene said...

I absolutely LOVE this LO! Way funky and cool!
Congratulations on the spot as guest DT designer!

Anonymous said...

this layout is sooooooooooo beautiful!
I love it!

Louise said...

Stunning LO girl, and WTG Congratulations :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT .. and you..girl this is fabulous, I was just drooling over it .. you are so it .. CONGRATS so deserved..

dani said...

so... I'm probably repeating myself from the comment I left on SIS but, I can't help it.
This is just so real and it's just spilling passion.
love this.

Kim Sonksen said...

Dude - your layouat totally RAWKS and I can so relate, being a drummer girl myself!

Anonymous said...


you are SO insanely talented d.
this is so amazingly beautiful.
so full of texture.
so full of you.
i adore it.
i adore you.

Raquel Daroda said...

This LO is soooo beautiful!! I love it!! I love your blog :)

Mandi Johnson said...

Oh my WOW! This is freaking saweet. Seriously. You amaze me with your design talent, girl!

Anonymous said...

Your layout is truly amazing. I love love love your style and it's definitely inspiring me to think of scrapbooking in a more "free" light. I'm also shocked that there is another female drummer / scrapbooker out there! I just started playing a year ago. I'm not very good, but I hope to be someday. Thanks for sharing your work!