Friday, June 6, 2008

hum diggity

I'm in a mood
a good mood that is :)
a mood to share a little:

** I AM SO EXCITED about you girls! My ATC's are coming right along. AND I am very impressed with the response to do an ATC swap. Especially since most have never done one too! LOL! We're in this together girls! :) Thank you thank you for being so thoughtful and sending some of your beautiful art my way. My spinner thingy is gonna be might happy real soon.

Wanna play? Here's the info:
First off, I am SUPER excited about the ATC swap with you ;) *so excited*
Okay, since I've never made an ATC I just figured i would approach it kind of like the art cards I've made. I hope that's okay. Very broad but very unrestricted ;) Lately I've been thinking about Peace. So maybe that's the word I'll use to inspire me.

I will make 1 ATC card for you (unless of course you send me more, LOL) Pretty please sign the card with your lovely name and email address so I can thank you. I should be finished in less than 2 weeks ( no pressure!). E-mail me your address and let me know you wanna swap so I can put you on my list to make at: (and I'll send you my address)

PS: I made 4 already and i LOVED it! WOW you run outta room so fast LOL! So refreshing to change things up a bit.
Just go with the flow

kinda like these girls:
check out candimandi LOVE her ATC's!!!! Thanks girl!
check her outshe's got some spray painting skillz-watch out! :P Anyone else spray paint on their LO? You have to try it!
LOVE this place very much reminded to enjoy Art in everything & everyday.

Okay dokey
I've been real quiet lately. Just making stuff. Playing in my little studio and being thankful for the beauty in the creative process. I just got the Beach bum kit from SIS and fell in love with the orange felt in the kit. PRETTY! ah. There was this long blue chord felt in the kit as well, and you know what that means...BANNER! AHHHH! heck yes. My Purlsoho order came in and after doing the *happy joy* dance I pretty much put the two together to make this:

Seriously in love with felt now. The sewing was so therapeutic for my hands. I also used the iCON Style Phyle from last months kit. Genius tags. Pretty felt buttons. SO easy to play and just keep adding stuff. The problem is knowing when to stop LOL!

There are about 14 images over here I hope this helps a little inspo come along your way. Certainly enjoyed making this little banner, I think I'll make another :) (if anyone has any questions on the banner, let me know k?)

changing things up...
I made a new blog banner. I had this saved on my computer for some time. And yesterday I just felt like it was time to let it be happy here. I love it. I have a thing for birds. And damask. I'm a sucker I tell ya. So sad. ha!

Things to do before SIS:
- Hair appointment on Monday (yes, monday will be fabulous) cut, color and bangs *WA-POW!*
- Shopping for some clothes lovin Anthro (perfect: inspo mixed with shopping. amen)

Are you coming to SIS? Let me know :) I'd love to see ya.


Mandi Johnson said...

Okay, I LOVE your new banner! It suits your style so well! I'm going to be going to the sisiversary too! Sooo excited to see everybody! :)
I've been being a bit of a shut away too... I'm scared to stop until my spurt of creativity dries up! :)

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

That is so so so amazing, I don't even have words for it. YOU are amazing!!!

Kara said...

Oooh. Love that banner. What a super inspiring idea, love it!

Anonymous said...

i love that banner
i'm going to come down & steal it...

Anonymous said...

i love both banners!!! i will be at SIS too! i cant wait to meet you and everyone else! love your blog, and you, such amazing inspo! <3


Anonymous said...

I love that banner, you just so creative make my heart it .. I cannot wait to see you in less than 7 days .. I am adding you to my blogs I stalk if that is cool with you ..

much love Deb

Amanda said...

love your new banner! love the inspiration on your site! i just emailed you bout the atc swap :)

Nina said...

Just have to say I find your work VERY inspiring - I really love your style! :)

Hope it's OK that I link to you from my blog?