Monday, June 23, 2008

my thanks

you are genuine
and true
and ever so sweet
thank you

and who said I was getting married?!
not yet sweets
not yet
hold your horses!
This girl is just getting into planning
{ <3 }

but not this year. I am pondering a sketch book of some kind. A planner/idea book of sorts. It's just that I've never really dreamed of my wedding. I know! But hey, I am thankful that at least these past couple of years I've been able to attend a few. And as I get to thinking about mine, I've come up with things I like/love/will do/will not do etc. And I'm also relying a lot on Mr. Handsome's opinion :0)

But no hurry. I will wait. I will create something that will help me in my journey to make a quaint little wedding someday. You beautiful ladies have any ideas? What do you wish you could go back and change? Undo? Redo? Food you had/photogs you liked/anything really. Fill me in. It'll all end up in my sketch book.

Your wisdom is precious.

for now, i just dream.
and wait
and know


Bekka said...

I love talking about weddings! The only thing I would have changed about mine was the cake, because it almost fell over. But then again, it gave us something to laugh about later. :D We made all our own food and served it buffet style -- it was awesome! Come to think of it, I had a lot of fun making things -- decorations, bouquets, food...I loved the DIY aspect of the planning!

metrochic said...

weddings are so fun! mine was a long time ago but i'd love to chat about it all sometime.

and you are officially permanently invited to come over and make super messy art. :) amen.


dani said...

YOU are so lovely.
just sayin'.

nancy said...

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

That's the best advice I can give you.

P.S. I really enjoy your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

backyard garden party.
sundress for me & linen for him
good, doog, fantastic food!
good friends & family
it was all we needed.

Anonymous said...

I got married by a justice of the peace in Jamaica. It cost $60. It was perfect for us - no headaches or stress and we saved a ton of money. Zero regrets.

elizabeth rosemond said...

I'm celebrating my 1 year anniversary next week (!), so the wedding is pretty fresh in my mind. I wouldn't have changed a single thing! Made ALL the paper stuff myself, splurged on the photos, music and food (since they were the most important to us). Oh, one bit of odd advice: if you end up doing a "traditional" wedding where you don't see Mr. Handsome until you walk down the aisle, try to have 2 photogs (we had a fab husband/wife team). One will be with you prior to the ceremony and the other will be with him. I now have a ton of pre-wedding photos of my man that I wouldn't have had otherwise. LOVE THEM!!
Sorry I was so long winded :)