Thursday, March 18, 2010

A swift escape

listening to Escapade by Janet Jackson for some escape inspiration.

The handsome man and I are making our escape. From this beautiful 70 degree summer weather to head over to Arizona.
It's days like these I want to just ride my bike around.
Get a cherry coke slurpee at my fav 7-11
chase after the candy man around the block
pull on my Bermuda shorts and sandals
and take it easy :)

and yet we are headed out of town.
To dry heat. Taking a much needed break from my computer ( all etsy orders went out to the post yesterday! Happy mail to you! And thank you so much ! Xoxo)
we are headed to see my bestie and her delish homemade Peruvian dinner tonight
some baseball for mr handsome and some girl time for me with my fav art buddies heather, Angie, Dina and new friends Erin and Tara.
And then finish things off with a lunch date with my little sis and new brother in law. yays!
Don't worry we will be back soon!
as Buzz Lightyear would say, "To infinity! And beyond!"
But I love it better in Spanish, "Al infinito! Y mas alla!"

I will be back with pictures to share Monday !


Unknown said...

Have fun! I'm taking a little Spring Break this weekend, too, but my bestie is coming to me, so I'm not doing any traveling. :)

Anna-Maria said...

Wish you lovely weekend! and please... come back quickly! :*

Anna-Maria said...

Wish you lovely weekend! and please... come back quickly! :*

metrochic said...

whee! girls before bros! hahaha!

Carrie Lee said...

Hey sweet girl! I am passing a lovely blog award onto you my dear. After all the inspiration you give to us so freely, you deserve it! Find out about it here....

P.S. I love seeing your pic of you wearing the pretty headband.. so glad you still like it! ;)