Tuesday, March 9, 2010

come on spring!!!

i'm ready for spring

My gerbera daisies are on their way out. But this makes me happy... because then we get to make another trip to the Farmer's Market this week to get some more :) It's clear to me that this just makes me happier. Bringing pretty things into my studio/desk and catching glimpses of beauty between creative breaks. It gives me a boost of energy each time. And yes, I will admit. They make me smile :) Just me and the gerbera daisy gang. Hanging out in this wee little studio. Making art. Smiling and enjoying another almost spring day in San Diego.

cruisin' around san diego

Now. My question to you is... Why haven't you come over?

happy almost spring!

ps: i changed the comments permissions so ANYONE can post a comment. I do love hearing your voice and connecting with you :) But of course, all comments will published after I approve them. Just to keep all those sickos out. (bleh gag gross.) hahaa. ah. internet. you are full of them.


Denise said...

It is snowing in montana but spring is coming! Have a wonderful day in your studio.

Angie said...

It's almost spring here in Nova Scotia as well. Still very chilly but the sun is shining.
Like you gerber daisies make me smile, and so does your blog :)
Thanks for sharing.

Bekka said...

Amen to pretty flowers.
Amen to spring.
Amen to keeping the sickos out.


Danielle said...

awwww...farmer's markets, so love them!

jing said...


your creations are featured on decor8blog.

I love your blog !

Rhi said...

ima coming over!
ice tea lemonades all round <3

Deana said...

Just came by to say congrats about the Decor8 blog...