Friday, April 23, 2010

bad hair decade...over >)

i love the line in ms.congeniality where grace says "I'm having a bad hair day. Bad hair decade, really."


i know how that feels. i feel your pain gracie lou freebush!

but my hair life is much brighter and happier now with my sister sara's mad hair cutting skillz.

i dare to even say the world is a cuter place. because she's cute. and everything she does is cute. even my hair :P

i just don't know what i'd do without her.

look at me.

i'm so happy i'm just giddy :)

or maybe it's the starbucks talking?

for sure it's the hair.

and this is what i looked like when i was 5 and had pig tails. except i always closed my eyes in the picture. i thought it was all about the big cheesy smile.

yeah, still got it. (the cheesy smile that is :)

ps: i chickened out at the last minute. looks like i will wait for summer for a short do. and i will cut my hair short i promise ;)
just my neck gets cold and i only have one cowl.

fact: i hate being cold
fact: it is 50 + degrees outside and i have a heat dish burning my feet as we speak
fact: debee is the biggest weenie when it comes to cold. even turns into a diva like the snickers commercials when cold.
fact: i have a blankie when i travel and i am darn proud of it.
fact: i sound like dwight Schrute from the office saying FACT: waaay too many times. i'm a dork.

but i'm a dork with a cute do.
so i'm happy :)


Unknown said...

Fact:You are cute, as is your new do
and Fact: Dwight is not cute, but he's SO funny. ;)

Unknown said...

love the hair. and i love that room!

Anonymous said...

i'll have to bring home a snickers ;)

Urbanstems said...

Aha you decided against the chop (for just yet!) You look lovely. Happy weekend from Ireland!!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! Love the cut.

Diane B. said...

totally cute cut! i wish i had the patience to grow my hair out and find the time necessary to flat iron it all because my hair has crazy funky wave syndrome when it gets longer than 3 inches! LOL

Elisa said...

you are so cute my dear!!!

Melissa Mann said...

LOVE the new hair! beautiful, my dear.

and I can SO relate to Gracie Lou Freebush. can SO relate. i can NEVER get a hair stylist to give me a decent cut...oh wells :-)

happy weekend!

LisaDay said...

You are so cute!

Bekka said...

Fact: any post that references the Office is going to be pretty awesome. :)

Fact: love your sweater. that's my favorite color combo right now.

tracey clark said...

yowza, that is a cute do!