Tuesday, April 6, 2010

spray paint junkie

 spray paint junkie

some people are addicted to caffeine.
others to sugar
out of allllllll the things in the world to be addicted to...

I'm addicted to spray paint :)

I remember back in art school in my first illustrative painting class there were people using different mediums to create their art. Some used watercolours, others used acrylics & oils and even still there were a few crazies using spray paint. Can you imagine the fumes one inhaled in that class? Sometimes I don't have to wonder why I'm all crazylike. :P

And even then I didn't realize what a fun medium spray paint is. Yeah I'm bad.
I spray paint paper. :)
how cool is that?

and let me just pose the question... Napoleon Dynamite style
"you got skillz? You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills."

so let's get you some spray paint skillz shall we?
*wink* wink*

yesterday I talked with both Karen & Susan and they are just wonderful to work with. I'm so excited about teaching at Reflections this year.

what are we going to do in my class?

Kid on Bus: What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?
Napoleon Dynamite: Whatever I feel like I wanna do. Gosh!

hahaa. i kid, I'm bringing some cans of spray paint to show you how to rock the spray can. You'll be adding funky splatters all over your pages in no time. I'm also having sewing machines available to use. I'm lugging mine around and you just might get your hot hands on my little hottie "Nena" (aka: my sewing machine). ps: She bites. >)

and here is a little sneak peak at my favorite papers I'm using in my class projects. I'm still packing the kits full!

reflections class sneak peak

hellooooooooooo- O color punch.
sweet, yes?

happy Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Pretty! Believe it or not, but I am really intimidated by spray paint! :)

Denise said...

When I was in art school I loved to take walks between classes down to the "grafitti gardens" I always wanted to catch someone working so I could see how they did it. My favorite photos of my boys I took at the very same spot years later. you have mad skillz for sure!

Bekka said...

I <3 your mad spray paint skillz. :)

jamie said...

you are killing me!
i had never heard of Reflections until i saw it on your blog a few weeks back.
and one just can't get there.
and is very sad.
as i would love to learn some mad skillz for sure.
thanks for the tease!

Jennifer Evans said...

Oh yes! I have some spray paint skillz! But I would love to learn more! ;) But I want to know if you designed the awesome paper photographed under the butterfly? Can we get our little hands on those pretties?

Michelle said...

Oh, fun! :) I was peeking through an old art journal of mine the other day and was reminded of my trysts with spray paint back in the day - also, wondered why I haven't used it since! I love it so. :)

jacelyn darelam said...

hi debee, hee, i use water color to do the works... as i am not allowed to use spray paint at home... hehe will try and break the rules :-)

Elisa said...

i´ve never used it, but I´m sure it´s so fun!!!!

Cait said...

You're my favorite scrapbooker ever and I'm amazed that I haven't tried spraypaint yet just by seeing your art! Soon soon, I need to buy some! (And I wish I was in the area to come to your class!)

Cherie said...

Yes I am super excited about this!!! Just a few more days...whooohooo!!!!