Thursday, April 15, 2010

oh mister handsome, you are famous :)

poor guy. we need to have children soon. i'm pretty sure everyone is tired of seeing mister handsome everywhere :P
But this month, is our month. So as I planned the next few layouts for Kenner Road I made sure to use pictures of just us. waaaay back in september, a few days after my 29th birthday...mister handsome and i were engaged. I of course forced my man to take pictures to celebrate... and all he gave me were profile pictures. No, he's not a felon. He just doesn't like cameras. or smiling at them. Or forced poses. Can you see how this made our wedding pictures a little complicated? hahaa.

mister handsome's motto: just take the picture already!
The sad thing is, he has such a great smile!

one lucky

good day

i snuck a little card in for some fun :)

Sweet market card

and one that got kind of out of hand... i sat there finishing up this page then this cute purple prismacolour started winking at me. I asked what it wanted and it said it really loved the color orange. something about how purple and orange were made for each other. and then it reminded me i haven't colored in such along time. so sad mister color :( i'm very sorry. So i made up for it by scribbling all over this page with my now happy purple prismacolour :)

one of a kind

i like it when my colours are happy :)

I challenge you to use anything in your studio that you have years of not using. I hope you do. I feel like scribbling up my walls now with prismacolour love :)

so far, this month has been awesome.
I have a few sneak peeks for my reflections class coming up.
i'm doing a giveaway again :)
and updating the shop one more time this month with some art love

i cannot wait!

ps: sorry, mister handsome is not for sale :P



Lynn said...

Your layouts are so elegant!
I love everything except Mr Handsome! lol

Anonymous said...

if i were for sale, i would have to go for $1941... so i can pay for my wisdom teeth removal

Denise said...

just saw his comment,,wish I could buy him-then give em right back to help pay for those darn teeth!
I always love seeing those sweet photos of you two. :)

Nessa said...

really love your art and your blog

Elisa said...

love the layouts, love the bright colours, love your stories with Mr. Handsome
mua mua mua= spanish version of xoxo
LOL :)

kL said...

he's not?
darn it!
and just when i was thinking of having one on the side. j/k
love it
as always my sweet friend

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

very cute, love it

Jill said...

Knockout pages this month for KR! Love 'em all -- every single one, every little detail!

On my way... said...

You are such an inspiration, these are breathtaking as usual :)


AlexM said...

absolutely love these last layouts. So bright and wonderfully perfect. Thanks for sharing and inspiring:)

Dorota said...

You are so great, I adore You:)