Monday, March 22, 2010

aaaaaannnnnd we're back! :)


it's been so good to have a wee break. To do pretty much nothing. My dear sweet friends, i literally did nothing.
Took the least amount of photos in one trip. i hope mr.ladybug makes up for it. he and i enjoyed hanging out in the back yard right before we left to go to Arizona.

what i did do:
- missed you. *hello again*
- miss real grass like nature. green anything really. and oh yes....deep breath, the ocean. i'm a san diego girl forever :)
- napped about 6 + hours to & from arizona. But who's counting really. :P
- consumed a week's worth of calories in just 3 days
- made a lick of progress in my art making & crocheting projects
- thrifted my happy booty through a long arizona commute.
- every time mr.handsome and i saw a cactus... we did our best cactus impression and raised our hands like a cactus. we have no pictures to prove what big dorks we are. and yet we were easily amused with ourselves.
- took a few pictures BEFORE the trip started. hey, i at least took some pictures ;)
- lived in the moment. that's my "excuse" for not taking enough pictures.

i did manage to take a picture of the beautiful sweet girls in arizona... dina is missing here! she had already left :( (lucky duck)

the girls
(erin *my new friend :), me, heather (get off me heather!) and angie ( man she can dance! )

dear heather and the girls,
no amount of photoshop could fix us.
i didn't even try.
- me

it was almost 11pm'ish. we ate pizza, dina's candy, super yummy cupcakes lovingly made by Erin and some delish salsa and guacamole made by the awesomepantslady's heather & angie. i my dear friends... brought nothing. but ate everything. what a pig. i doubt they'll ever have me back. and i made just TWO circle motifs. 2. lame. i guess i just needed a break. ANd oh yes, there were amazing stories and fun laughs to be had all around. good good times.

sometimes you just need to hang with some good friends and have some fun :)


Danielle said...

looks like great time!! Especially with Angie and Heather- even better.

Vanessa said...

love those ladies! looks like an awesome time! and sounds delicious!

Melissa Mann said...

sounds like a wonderful little trip!

metrochic said...

good grapes! angie & i are crazy short. hee. BOOBS! i don't even care that i look like my head has been run over by something because i'm so glad we had those hours together! yay! i miss you already. LOVE. i'll call you when we're coming your way. and my man is ready for another game whenever yours is. ;) xoxo.

lisarachel said...

this isnt about your post but your pictures. you always have great pictures. i know its because you have a great eye for itbut i also know half of a picture is the camera. im in the market and was very curious what kind you use and if you have any subjestions?

jamie said...

sounds like a divine time.
so hard on yourself.
for everything there is a seasons...even for food, fun and frivolity.
glad your back.
ew! want to peek at your crocheting!

Denise said...

oh wonderful! Sounds like you women had an awesome visit!

angie backen said...

why, oh why didn't i put my platform sandals on before taking the picture? i'm the shortest! oy.
but i love those spring-y curtains in the background. ;)
i am so happy you came to visit. you are as beautiful as ever.
i am to email you later, k?