Wednesday, March 31, 2010

aww chucks, a blog award ;)

The ever so lovely Carrie awarded me with this pretty little thing. If you don't remember my friend Carrie, she's an AMAZING artist and she gifted me the pretty feather head piece I'm wearing in the photo right there ---->

Now I'm supposed to play by some rules but I thought I would be clever and share a couple of inspirational pieces for me that I have not shared before :) I like making up rules. hahaa. hope that's okay Carrie :)

* I used to subscribe faithfully to this rad magazine: Computer Arts. But you know, the economy and all so I had to cancel my subscription. It's pretty pricey since it's a UK mag and sometimes can be hard to find. But I LOVED every bit of it. They showcase awesome artists, really cool tutorials and even the best downloads. Ever mag comes with a CD full of free stuff :) love that.

** I'd love to crochet something cute like this pair of booties
ADORABLE! I just wish I lived in Utah so I could take her crocheting classes. How fun

***This pretty pretty download that is super sweet and FREE. (that's a sweet deal) I think i might use them on a couple of art pages coming soon *wink* wink*

**** I'm totally wanting to make some of these fabric covered flower pots this weekend. How lovely are these?

***** and i quickly e-mailed mr.handsome with a few images from this pretty shop you know, just in case he needs ideas for my birthday, easter, memorial day, cesar chavez day or any holiday for that matter, to gift me with a sweet shirt from said shop. you just never know. it could happen *hint* Hint* mr. handsome. wake up! hahaaa

So there you have it... some pretty cool links for you to enjoy. Even though I might not get to wear, buy or make any of these things, they still inspire me on the daily. People are so very creative and the combination with the internet to jump over from link to link is the best. We're so blessed to live in this day and age :)

And because I cannot leave you without something cute to look at, I'm leaving you with this:

A few weeks ago I was checking out for some spring flats when I noticed liberty of london sandals, bedding, etc. I immediately e-mailed mr.handsome to please hurry up at work to get over here and take me to Target. I asked only how much we had in our bank account and about what time he'd be home. He of course would not take his lunch break nor be enticed by the DELICIOUS popcorn and soda they sell at Target ( our ritual ). Hello?! Shopping+ me+ popcorn+ you= brilliant plan.

Alas, i waited by the door, no. the parking lot for him to come home. Called him repeatedly every 5 minutes asking where he was in traffic. How about now? Almost here? And of course he loved that.

But then we sped off into the sunset together happily ever after.
to Target. :)

Where the handsome man knows he will receive popcorn + soda and a pack of baseball cards AND a very happy wife :)
Hello bliss* (everyone does this "bargaining" in order to get their spouse to shop with them right?)

for the love of liberty

i came home with this. And finished it off with another sweet tweety bird plus a crochet motif. ( The one that took me 5 hours to make at Angie's house. I know. shame. but cute. right? ) and some handmade pom poms.

spring peek

and because I'm loving the spring fever... I made some more package kits to put into the shop soon :) This pretty little thing will be up in my etsy soon! April 5th to be exact :) Yays!!! I added some handmade tags, more pretty flowers and butterflies.

All so perfect to give and receive :)

Now, should I spray paint on the kraft boxes? I've been itching to do this for a while.
What do you think? yes?



Unknown said...

I have that cute little box, too. In fact, it's my ONLY LoL purchase- so far! ;) I'd love about 5 more, but there was only 1 left when I found it!

Ashleigh said...

Definitely spray paint! :)

The Creative Place said...

Oh how I love the Liberty of London line! YAY for Target! We always get popcorn and soda when we go too (cherry coke!!) :)

metrochic said...

i love target popcorn! i'm thinking today is a target kind of day, too! yay! that is my fave LoL print. also, YES! SPRAY PAINT 'EM! it's the perfect debee touch. ;) love you!

Melissa Mann said...

um...yeah. I have to admit, I make deals like that to get my hubby to take me places too ;-)

love that Liberty London stuff! I still haven't been to Target to see it! Must needs do that this weekend!

Denise said...

Those liberty of london patterns are so on my mind these days! love your little packages, they are gorgeous.