Tuesday, March 2, 2010

corner love

corner love close up

hi and welcome to my little corner in my little studio. I've had several e-mails asking to see more pictures of either my home or office/studio... so I decided to share another part of the studio that seems pretty much finished.

So make yourself at home

+ white lanterns ( IKEA )
+ yellow & white pom poms ( Yellow from Martha Stewart, white Handmade )
+ colorful feather butterflies ( Paper Source SF )
+ handmade paper garland ( yours truly still in my ETSY shop *although I secretly hope it doesn't sell. I LOVE it! :)
+ soft white heart doily ( .18 cents for a pack of 20 at Michaels clearance )

Corner Love

This is your seat my friend.
When you come over, this is my fav chair that I put in my studio just for my special guests.
Although I've never had one. Well, not yet at least :P But for now you can just pretend you sit here and we chat about our daily life here.

Just yesterday Mr. Handsome helped set up my white lanterns. If I put them up, they would just come falling down on you :P hahaaa ! jk.
We bought this pretty chair on Target online right before Handsome and I were married. This is very well our first piece of furniture that we bought together. And because there is power in persuasion ... I convinced him we had to buy two. We also purchased this beautiful chair that sits in our master bedroom. But back then we paid less because there was a sale.

AND.... also because I took Mr. Handsome to anthro and had him sit in one of these

and something like this:

and he about fell over and off the couch when he saw the price tags.
making our target purchase a little more sensible :)

hey, we have a mortgage to pay after all. and then there is food we need to eat. he's always reminding me of these 2 very important things. but I could possibly do anything for either of these pieces. food ? mortgage? boo. hahaa. Its okay, I've come to the conclusion that I will never really own one piece of furniture from Anthro. I just still can dream about it. it's free :)

So today, I'm headed out the door to my dentist appointment
ack. stop it.
hold me.

I had to do everything to stop myself from kidnapping Mr.Handsome this morning to make him accompany me to my appointment. So today, I am just having one cavity filled. Should be fast right? Yeah. let's hope so.
And as a reward to myself after a good visit I will treat myself to a smoothie from JAMBA. I did end up going to my doctor for something to help me relax but that requires Mr.Handsome or someone to drive me back home... so that's out of the question. So here I go! Blind faith knowing everything is going to be okay. And thank you for your encouragement and sharing your stories with me... it kind of made me feel less scared. and crazy. and even held... I felt comfortable. knowing i wasn't alone in my anxiety. group therapy even. And it was fun. so I will see you tomorrow same chair, same corner right?

I will have my iphone on while I'm at the dentist so send me some encouragement love!

:) i love the dentist. i love the dentist, i love the dentist

I can do this!


Anonymous said...

you are a very smart girl with smart persuasive talent. LOL
i hope your dentist appt went well.

Amber Zimmerman said...

I LOVE what you've done to your fun corner! Wish I lived close enough to pop in. :-) I have that same chair in a different pattern. It's one of my fave pieces of furniture. It's pretty comfy too. Thanks for sharing your space!

Jamie said...

Looove your corner!!! Sooo pretty! Love the colors!
Good luck at the dentist! Think happy thoughts and dream up something fabulously creative that you'll create when you're done! It will be over before you know it! Saying a prayer for you right now!!!

Deana said...

I'm going to get a cavity filled on Thursday, so I'm right there with ya! The anxiety over the dentist is so much worse than the actual pain. Ugh. :-(

Sending virtual courage...

Denise said...

oh I will be thinking about you! Hope all is well.

Love your corner, so pretty. that chair is gorgeous! What lens do you use to take your photos?

Unknown said...

Love, LOVE it! ;) You keep that chair open for me, k?

Melissa Mann said...

oh my gosh! the colors in that corner...*swoon*!!!!

Sweet Escape said...

love your corner!!...so colorful!!..and miss debee,,you totally looooove the dentist!!!..you can do this!!! i know it!!!


lisarachel said...

love love love! o i wish i still could make my home so pretty! (but my sweet 3 year old 'fire fighter' and cats don’t allow this) But i still have my craft room!!!!!(off limits to the both)

yeah i also wana know about your camera! nice photos