Wednesday, March 24, 2010

happy lucky me

 thrift flower vase

these past couple of weeks I've completely been so blessed at the whole thrifting thing. Something that is pretty hit and miss here in San Diego. I think it takes a whole lot of work to really find the treasures you are looking for. As it is, there is SO much stuff packed away at many Goodwill's and thrift stores everywhere. But this little beauty above is just the most precious thing. I walked into a church run thrift store, ( one I often frequent mostly for the sweet hugs and chats with the church ladies ) to take a gander. Looked high and low and nothing. Sigh. * oh well... keep walking. Move to the next thrift store. But wait!

I found the cutie pie vase pictured above and swooped it up into my hands and craddled it. One because I'm Mrs Butterfingers and i drop everything. AND break most things :) it's a gift. hahaa And the other reason it just looks like the cutest thing. A bit weathered. A bit worn. But sometimes, I guess I'm just crazy but you know the movie Toy Story? Well of course :) I totally felt SO bad after watching that movie and seeing the little toys feel bad for not being played with. I know, I'm a sucker for make believe. Awwww :( sobs.My little ponies, my rainbow bright doll... my barbies... so sad. And this cute vase, the same feeling.

fresh flowers

Oh sweet little vase, you can come home with me... all for just one dollar. My pleasure. :)

Mr. Handsome's comment when he first saw my little vase: "My grandma used to have things like that."

my reply: "GRANDMOTHER?!!? So you think I'm a grandmother?!?! okay. fine. it's definitely going on your night stand then mister! "

i of course have the exquisite taste of a grandmother apparently.

thanks mister.

long live the grandmothers.

and i will keep this cutie on MY night stand. It's waaaay to cute for mr.handsome to enjoy anyway ;P
*wink * wink*



Unknown said...

Oooh! Sweet! I bought a vase this weekend, but was bad and paid more than $1. It was from Anthro, so it couldn't be helped! ;) Photos to come!!

jamie said...

you two & the vase:: adorable!

Anonymous said...

well... in my defense... my grandma is a hot grandma... love ya ;)

Elisa said...

I think is gorgeous, don´t pay attention to Mr. Handsome, I think he´s just jealous LOL because you didn´t buy anything for him :)

Denise said...

very cute story! I am a grandmother Debee and I love it! :)

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

Hi Debee !! Thank you for coming by my blog ... I am a HUGE fan of your stunning work and photos !!

Bekka said...

Well, then his grandma had excellent taste. :) Keep it on your side, though. It'll make you happier.