Monday, March 29, 2010

it's so close...

bicycles = kisses

ever since the handsome man and I wed last year, every friday we would wish each other a happy anniversary. (we got married on a friday :)

it's been a little over 11 months now. And boy has it flown by!
It's been good. Overall, we managed to survive the wedding planning, moving a couple of times, being in escrow and buying a home, managing our finances together as one, enjoying happy and simple moments by still having date nights just like the one we had yesterday.

For probably months now I have been wanting to go to our favorite park in Coronado. It's the same park handsome and I were married. We used to visit Coronado frequently when we were dating, we would take our chaperones ( his cute sisters) and buy a feta pizza at one of our favorite coronado pizza joints, head over to the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze while we ate. I can still feel the sun over us. So warm and cozy. xoxo

kissy kissy at the park

Well yesterday was a gorgeous day here in SD. I think everyone was thinking the same thing and headed out for the beaches and parks. We took our bikes along for a date. Just us. And mona, and the crazy kids at the park, and their parents. :P
But hey, we had a great time riding around, oohing and ahhing over the pottery barn mansions all over Coronado... wondering if those people were happy in their huge homes. And I'm sure some are. I just think it's waaay to much to clean ;P *wink * wink* I like our little home :)

So pizza, a gyro combo, a joyful bike ride, the warm spring ocean breeze and the wind in your hair..... so so perfect.

I'm so thankful for these moments. Life seems to be flying by. We are celebrating out 1st wedding anniversary soon ( april 24th) and I cannot wait for more of these simple moments I will treasure for ever.



Unknown said...

Oh- we honeymooned in Coronado...we stayed at the Del for 3 or 4 nights, then stayed in Orange for the remainder of our trip...I miss it and cannot wait to go back! :)

jeny said...

Aww...your 1st Anniversary is my wedding day!! Just thought that was special. All the best on a wonderful first year :)

merryheart2 said...

hello sunshine. what a great date. it's still been a bit chilly here but its starting to warm up. thinking of going to the park today.
hope you guys have great week.

pakosta said...

awww sweet photos!
we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary on April 30th!
congrats on your first! enjoy! it only gets better & better!

Elisa said...

so romantic, I love your stories :)

Melissa Mann said...

so sweet :-)