Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lovely Giveaway WINNER & flowers for you

Luhy said...
Oww it's a beautiful & lovely giveaway ^^.

My favorite is Pretty in Pink : the tags & the rubbon are really beautiful. ( ' Beatiful ' again but ALL is BEAUTIFUL !) ;D

MARCH 12, 2010 9:54 AM

Lucky number 9 is:

Congrats Luhy! You have until 9 AM tomorrow morning to e-mail me your name and address and claim this pretty package. If there is no response I will just have to pick another winner ;P

And a big thank you to everyone who shared in the lovely giveaway post. I loved hearing your fav flowers, the whys, the scents, the memories they bring. Makes it so much more special. *thank you kindly*

my wedding bouquet

Elisa had such a good idea with sharing her wedding bouquet picture that I thought I'd share mine with you too. Now this is not professionally photographed or anything. That's my hand. And that wall is the outside of our extended stay we were at while waiting for escrow to come to a finish right after our wedding. AND the bouquet was completely D.I.Y. ala my local farmer's market. Hey, $5 for a cute bunch of ranunculus? Yes please.

After several days with my wedding bouquet, some of the flowers began to fade so I decided I wanted to capture them before they all went. ( even though the ranunculus were a stand in for my fav flower of all time. the peony :) And I'm glad I did because I did not get a picture with my bouquet :( Alas, do over right? hahaa!

um. no

right now I'm helping a family friend design her wedding invitations... and just seeing the stress on her face makes me feel so sorry for her. i know that pain. oh weddings are supposed to be joyful right? I just wish everyone would remember that and make it easier on the bride :)

was your wedding "joyful" and do you have a picture of your pretty wedding bouquet? Did you use your "favorite" flower in your bouquet? i love that there are so many flowers to choose from. So so pretty :)

Happy Wednesday friends,
and go out and buy yourself some flowers!
*wink* wink* ;P



lisarachel said...

that is a lovely bouquet! mine was red roses. Each lady in my family handed me one to make it up, but unfortunately i don’t have a lovely picture of it (the before was single roses, and i have no idea what happened after)
we had a lot of fun at my wedding, too much stress with my sweetheart coming in from deployment in Japan to worry about details! It was beautiful and laid back.

Elisa said...

love your bouquet!!! I agree with you, wedding (before&during) should be a happy time. Mine was great, I really have fun, I enjoy every moment, I laugh, cry, dance...a lot

Luhy said...

OMG !!
I'm the luchy one!
I send u an e-mail :)

( Lovely bouquet:) )

Melissa Mann said...

beautiful bouquet!

danielle said...

funny, raniculus are my absolute fave, too!!!
I just got the cute little book and mini garland I bought from you on etsy (I had you mail it to my mom and she mailed it to me down here in Mexico). thanks, they are adorable!