Wednesday, March 10, 2010

thank you kindly

thank you *

Music in the background: Janet Jackson on Pandora
Breakfast: strawberry yogurt & pecans
Attire: rockin' my PJ's (the perk of working from home :)
Current activity: Packaging etsy love

<3 Mail To:

here are some mailing labels I designed just for fun for my little shop.
I know. but I love details. And why not send a package in style? ;P

oooohh! Whitney Houston "I wanna dance with somebody" just came on my playlist. sweet.
love that song. Flashback to pigtails and pink pants with velcro pink pro-wings. WOW. that's lame. hahaaa!
and i can't dance. but i at least have mr.handsome. except. he's not such a good dancer either. hahaa!
meant to be.

okay so moving on from crazy flashback....
today while checking my emails i realized my little belladrummer etsy shop was being featured on decor8. A nice morning indeed. :) I love her picks. I find myself "hearting" so many ETSY shops she features. So thank you Holly for the sweet gesture! And welcome to decor8 readers *smiles*

And such perfect timing since I will be updating the shop this friday!
And guess what? I am adding:
- a garland
- sweet tags
- new package kits
- stickers
- new twine ( you will LOVE the color! my fav)
- Note love : mailing kits
- vintage inspired seam binding in the prettiest spring colours *swoon*
- some new mini art ! (I'm so nervous about this but honestly i think more excited :)

I will be sharing pictures of several of these items in the next few days. I also hope to do a giveaway post on friday.
* Because fridays are my favorite day of the week.
* i heart giveaways. (so i will be putting together several items from the shop update aside just for this :)
* and of course, I'm bringing back my $1 dollar feature. Because a girl loves to shop & save. So only ONE item will be available in the shop for one whole dollar ( plus shipping ). its a surprise of course. but hey, it is gonna be a good one!!! promise*

I have another happy moment to share with you:
Remember I shared my little corner in my studio here?

It was then on Flickr explore! woot woot!

I love interestingness.

I have another studio update coming up soon. Mr. Handsome has been hard at work putting in the base & ceiling moldings. I'm really loving the finished look :) And he put up one of my favorite pictures of all time . It's HUGE. 4ft x 4ft and it really gives the studio a different feel. But I'm happy it's up after almost a full year. i hope you are having a great day today!

Happy Wednesday!
off to the post
some starbucks love
taking more studio shots to share with you tomorrow
and of course anticipating FRIDAY!!!!



Unknown said...

Congrats on all your great press friend! ;) SO awesome! (inspiring, too!)

jamie said...

new goodies in the shop?
then i shall hold off to purchase until i see. was hoping for a pillow pocket kit...perhaps you will be sharing some new sweetness in those.
love your site.
love your shop!
most in love with your way with a camera.
i will be lurking!
well...maybe after some of my own starbucks love.

Vee said...

congrats on the etsy tuesdayon decor8 yesterday, so happy for you! love your work and photos always! :) xo, happy wednesday! :)

Bekka said...

Congrats on the feature. Also, wonderful pandora list! :)

Ashleigh said...

Can't wait to see the new goodies in the shop! And..I'm up for scavenging your shop to look for the $1 item!

Waiting to see your studio too. I bet it's lovely!

Melissa Mann said...

congrats on Explore!! I ADORE that picture...I just wanna sit on that chair and stare at the spools of thread :-)

Stay Funny said...

Congrats on new fabulous features!
Can't wait to see the new items!
Just got my lovely last purchase from you and your shipping label are fabulous! Enjoy your Thursday... but I can say I can't wait for tomorrow! xx~♥

marcy said...

i so love that you're posting daily! a huge purk to my day!