Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today i feel

white ranuncula

sigh, i am sitting here in a gloomy morning enjoying a delicious "healthy" breakfast: frozen strawberries powdered with sugar + cubed mangoes (thank you Norma!!!) and orange juice blended into perfection. topped off with pecan nuts and another dash of sugar. I am working my way to the more "natural sweet flavors" ;) without the sugar. but not today. mmmmm so so good.

I walked for about 15 minutes on the treadmill at 5 grade at about 3.5 miles an hour. Slow but steady.

These past couple of weeks have found me restless with CTS. I seriously have to do everything in me to not entertain the idea of the shots my doctor was trying to give me a few months back. And a doctor at our church was suggesting I go for the surgery as he shared that studies have shown the muscles atrophy over time if no surgery is performed. I have been wearing my braces. Dealing with sorry looks and stares plus more questions from random people. Popping my ibuprofen almost every other day.

i guess I wish this wasn't part of my "normal" everyday. Things could be worse i tell myself this often. But I am renewed with hope after reading somewhere this little blurb: "Take care of your body. Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep so that you wake rested. Take care of your body so that you can put your energy toward coping with your pain."

The pain is not going to go away by itself. So this means making better decisions eating wise. I know I can down a bag of chips any time, any day :) I can eat drive through food like I was still in college. shame, shame I know :( It's just so much easier to eat "fast" food. But i need to make the effort and eat more fruits and vegetables so i can feel better.

This little bit really impacted me the most: "Take care of your body so that you can put your energy toward coping with your pain". Today I have to make it a good day. Eat healthier. I guess I didn't really realize how much what we eat impacts how we feel. The walk helped, the smoothie was filling combined with a good nights rest and my stretching exercises i will do throughout the day I hope will make this day, TODAY a really good day.

Make it a point to remember... to purposefully take care of yourself. I'm putting this into practice!!! i have to. I've got a lot of life to live. :)
sending love & thanks so much for listening,


Stephanie said...

We all have to take care of ourselves. I know what you mean about the eating. I am making a point to eat better all the time, cutting the butter, the sugar (the hardest part) and eating as many veggies as I can. And when I don't eat well, I can definitely feel it.

Good luck!

Urbanstems said...

Hope your day is going well..sounds like your breakkie was a good start you lucky thing!I know how you are feeling..Brave face on and enjoy life cos you only have one chance at it!!Keep up your great blog..

Keshet said...

I HATE dealing with medical stuff--terrified about surgeries, even shots! I have to decide about a surgery myself. Makes you feel like a real grownup, having to make these decisions. Hope it works out for the best, as I'm so sure it will!

Unknown said...

I've been noticing how much the food that goes in effects me, and am really making an effort to be more responsible so i don't feel like crap all the time! You can do it! :)

Jennifer Evans said...

Know what you mean about the looks and stares at the braces. I have been having to wear them again at my new job. Two ladies came into the office and one horrified asked me what happened! I told them it was CTS and she actually said, "Oh, too much typing at the computer," while looking at the monitor behind me. Man... she has no idea but I just nodded. But, later she asked me how long I had been working there in the office and I replied, "I am on my third week." The next day I started wearing my sweater to cover the braces. My boss was great and got me a new keyboard and wireless mouse yesterday... which will totally help with keeping my fingers from stretching so much. ;)

Melissa Mann said...

((hugs)) I hope your day was wonderful!