Monday, March 15, 2010

yellow happy


last week mr. handsome bought me flowers at our local vons/safeway market. Now, i say "he bought me flowers" but what i really mean is I picked them out and he was more than happy to oblige.

I will be honest with you. I am picky about my flowers. I LOVE lots and lots of different flowers... but I strongly dislike a few of them. ( like carnations.)

Oh my, but aren't these daffodils gorgeous!!! They certainly brightened up the room AND my mood just having them in my studio. Love love! And i didn't remember they have a very faint fragrance, oh, i really fell for them then :) I bought them all in little buds and they happily came out to play within 2 days. So pretty, it kind of brought me back to Alice & wonderland and the flowers that talked. They have so much personality. hmm... what would they say i wonder?


these were my favorite last week... but next week.. hmm.. I think there will be another fav *wink* *wink*

I'm loving the responses I'm reading in the post below. You and i have a lot in common when it comes to flowers (especially those of you who said the same thing about carnations. Oh, ANYTHING except carnations! hahaa.) A few i had to look up and see for the first time because I had no idea what they were! such a pleasant surprise! I think you have great taste in flowers. So today i just wanted to brighten your day a little with some flowers that make me happy. Just pretend these are resting atop a favorite table or your own work space :) cheerio

crazy lady

And now onto some Kenner Road love. oh goodness boy do i LOVE sassafraslass !
Those little banners... the different pendants, the beautiful designs.... swoon!

Do you remember me talking about my dentist issues? Ah, well, it needed to be said in layout form. To make it a little more official. I AM a crazy lady. And hopefully i face my fears with the dentist soon or well... i will forever be a crazy lady.
Poor dentist man :)

So this has to be one of my favorites right now. I LOVE the orange "white space". The different bold colors in the papers. And the spray splatters of course... and were you wondering if you could come over to scrap? Because you can!!! I am going to be teaching at this years Reflections Event ! Say you'll come! I would love to meet all of you! Make some art, relax and have some fun. AND they have such a wonderful talented group of teachers lined up as well :) So yeah, kind of excited :)

I will be spray painting in the class ( outside of course ;P)
I will be bringing my very own sewing machine to sew crazy sewing lines all over the place
AND hopefully some paper love from some of my favorite companies :)
fingers crossed!

more info here!

I am beyond thrilled and even more so if you can come!



Unknown said...

sounds like a blast!! :)

flo said...

Il love this flowers "Jonquille" in french... So simple and so cute...
In my east of France, we can find them everywhere... Just stop and find them... Be carefully to not walk on (everywhere in the grass)... It's wonderful !

Denise said...

anything but carnations for me too! oh and red roses-blech. Yellow is definitely on my radar in all things and daffodills are so happy!

Flowers said...

I love seeing how illustrators use their own set! And I love seeing such out of the ordinary ideas!

Elisa said...

amazing layout!!!
thanks for sharing your art girl!!!

Curlywiggles said...

i love daff's too! Love this page, so pretty, i am loving the alpha's from Jilly Bean's at the moment.

Urbanstems said...

Hi . Love your blog. The carnation has a bad rep I know but after attending a flower club class I changed my mind!!I did need convingcing but am now converted.. mass groupings of them together (use no other flowers) and put them in spheres and its a different story...or a few bunches tied tightly and popped in the cutest jug!! Sweet william is from the same family of the carnation and they are gorgeous grouped together too!Try it!!

Jennifer Evans said...

Ahhh! Sigh, that would be lovely... maybe a vacation to SD is in order. ;)

Melissa Mann said...

beautiful layout!

Jaszmurka said...

amazing LO! ♥