Friday, April 16, 2010

cinnamon dulce frap. i heart you xoxo

create sneak
a very sneaky sneak into my class for reflections :) ( we will be making those cute felt flowers, playing with spray cans and of course sewing doilies! I am not so surprising huh? :P

first off... i woke up at about 5:30ish because someone (whom shall remain nameless *wink*wink*) was snoring like a really cute bear. i have never ever been a morning person. it's just not in my programming. i believe in beauty sleep at all hours of the day. sleep=happy debee :)

as i'm sure you understand.

but there i was. sitting wide awake. it wasn't so much the snoring of the cute bear *wink* i just was up and raring to go! I sat there thinking to myself. "Myself, what the heck are you doing up crazy!?" then, i remembered it was friday. a beautiful day in which i celebrate with a nice cold cup of cinnamon dulce frap with whipped cream and sprinkles on top ( i love that they call them sprinkles. it makes it even more magical.)

oh starbucks..... ( said in my most breathy romantical voice)

love. in liquid form. ahhhh..... but then i also remembered that yesterday i had a hard time fitting into my "fat" jeans. you know, the ones you know you don't have to try to hard to fit into? oh my. how did this happen? my thighs were resisting the jeans! my butt grew overnight! yikes! ( no photos please ladies. this is a G rated blog :P )

yeah right. truth is, i need new jeans. ( i'm obvoisly in denial)
truth is, i no longer fit into the junior sized jeans at charlotte russe. sobs. :(
truth is i'm thirty and i'm well, sort of , kind of, maybe just a wee bit in denial.

i love starbucks.

so i logged into my little iphone app for starbucks and checked out the caloric info on my sweet drink. a nice total of 290 calories. sigh* but then i thought with my quick sassy mind .... i can run for about 2 miles and run the calories off so i can still treat myself to starbucks! right?!

this. please tell me this is common logic. that i'm not the only one. ( mister handsome has dismissed me as crazy. but he's not so good a girl math :) hahaa

i ran 3.2 miles and i burned 444 calories. making those 290 totally disappear. voila!
it's like magic.

man, being a girl is so hard sometimes. lol

now I just have to buy new jeans. :)

have a beautiful caloric free day my dear friends,


Jody said...

I'm in the middle of several more months of pregnancy jeans and I'm beginning to think I will never fit into jeans with a waist and zipper ever again! Never mind skinny jeans. =)
I think your math works out perfectly. You get the best of both worlds when you exercise, enjoy some indulgent sweets/treats and have a smile on your face because of it. I totally agree though- being a girl IS a challenge. And guys will never fully understand that. Thank goodness we girls have each other. Right?!
Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get to sleep in at some point. xo

Anonymous said...

i slept just fine...i didn't hear anything

jamie said...

number one...sleep is overrated. this from a 6 month pregnant lady who actually DID sleep last night.
number two...i was needing an excuse to visit starbucks today...because i believe dessert and treats are a necessary part of our daily happiness. and i have never tried a cin dulce are my inspiration again.
(oh! i can totally relate to that whole mr. snoring thing...and it's been over 20 years for me) =D

lovin' your honesty again. and we girls MUsT stick together.

b.ary said...

Your blog post made me giggle! I totally agree & use the same logic quite often! Thanks for the sneaks on your Reflections class! I will be attending for the first time and I am extremely excited! Can't wait to meet you!

Thanks for the giggle!! :)

Diane B. said...

i think how you think!: "yeah, i can eat those chips and guacamole dip because i'm running 5 miles in the morning!" :-P

yup, i like girl-math!

Mari said...

I am so jelous at the people attending your Reflections class!!That layout looks amazing!

wish I was able to kick myself in the butt, so I could do a workout!

I am giggle wile reading your post, you are sooo sweet!