Monday, April 5, 2010

Belladrummer ETSY shop update :)

I hope you like spring colors because that's what inspired this latest little shop update. That and Handmade, with love of course ;)

{ Limited Spring Package kit }
belladrummer spring love

with some graffiti lovin :)
belladrummer packages**

belladrummer packagees

{ Handmade envelopes }
belladrummer handmade envelopes

belladrummer handmade envelopes*

belladrummer handmade envelopes*

belladrummer handmade envelopes*

belladrummer handmade envelopes**

{ Handmade Tags + Colorful twine }
belladrummer handmade tags

belladrummer handmade tags

belladrummer  handmade tags ******

belladrummer tags ******

belladrummer tags *****

belladrummer handmade  tags *******

{ Handmade tags in a variety of pretty shapes }
belladrummer tags

belladrummer tags**

belladrummer tags***

belladrummer tags****

There is so much to finish photographing and editing here so I'm getting back to work! The shop will go live at 5 PM today ( California time of course ;) and there will again be the lucky $1 item. So please come check it out!

Hope you had a wonderful family filled weekend. We enjoyed our Easter lunch over some yummy food and an earthquake. Yikes! It's all good though, we just rocked back and forth and enjoyed it. (mr. Handsome kept eating! hahaa) ahhhh... that's life in san diego.



metrochic said...

oh my gosh! we are sharing a brain. i TOTALLY worked on handmade envelopes with index cards this weekend for my shop. how about i buy yours and you buy mine? ;) and btw, i'm in LOVE with your motifs. sigh.

Michelle said...

Oh, goodness - your shop is new to me, but I'm totally already stalking your update! Eeek! So much lovely goodness. :) You rock, Debee.

Unknown said...

gorgeous! I've been eyeing your stuff for a while and finally purchased something. I can't wait until it comes in! so pretty.

merryheart2 said...

i haven't been on-line much for a while and i've missed so much. i'm headed to your shop. hope there is still stuff in there. love allyour layouts!