Thursday, April 8, 2010

color love

crochet circle motif
I made these pretties a couple of weeks ago thinking I would use them for some pillow cover project crochet thingy i have no pattern for... but instead they made lovely product shots :) or better yet on flickr, interestingness. Which is such an funny word. lol. funny enough 5 of these circles are making their way to their new home. A sweet friend wanted a few for her daughters upcoming birthday party. How sweet is that?! She is such a good and wonderful mom. I cannot image the wonderful memories she is making for her little one to enjoy. So sweet :)

ahhhh! hold on! earthquake!

... yikes. whew... srsly my little condo just shook for about 5 seconds and (ps: heather, nothing broke! my jars didn't even shake. yays!) have you ever been in an earthquake? it's a little rattling and scary. Then you feel a wee bit dizzy. but it's gonna be okay. right?

mr. handsome just called to check up on me.

funny side story... after the earthquake sunday, i guess I had it on my mind all week. On tuesday i was feeling a bit tired but still wanted to walk on the treadmill. I was a wonderful person and let mr.handsome use the treadmill first. >) i went upstairs to lay down for a bit. (i guess just thinking of working out makes me tired LOL) he came upstairs after he was finished to wake me. and he asked me if i was awake or something... and i responded.. "but nobody came to save me".

how sad huh?
hahahaaa! ummm.... apparently this isn't the first time I've talked in my sleep.
helllllllooooooooooo crazy. :)

now, mr. handsome jokes about "saving me". what a funny guy.


so this makes my newest little work of art even more appropriate:
( made using the
sweet lily paper kit here

take my hand

1- I love ingrid michaelson
2- she has the most cutest lyrics
3- she inspired me to make this pretty. using a few lyrics from her song : "can't help falling in love"
4- last but not least, i love mr.handsome. whom has professed to come save me. (except today since he has to work.)

my subconscious is funny.
except it doesn't make me a bit more sane.

but who wants to be sane anyway?


ps: tomorrow i'm having a little one day sale on the paper kit and sharing some more pages i made using the sweet lily paper kit :) so excited!


Unknown said...

I just love those little granny circles(can I call them that? what ARE they called?)! And sad that you thought you were being left behind! :(

Nicole said...

love those little crocheted circles!! so fresh and bright- just lovely :)

Jennifer Evans said...

Yes... the 1989 Bay Area earthquake. Was young but remember it quite easily. Yeah, don't want to be in another like that again. But, again, have been asleep in smaller ones before. But, I have also slept through a drug bust in a next door apartment. Guess we beauties need our sleep... ;)

Mari said...

I just love your cirles!!!I need to learn! *lol*
Sad to hear you thought nobody would save you! I would, if I were there ;)
Have a great weekend!!!! I'll try and do a blogpost about your garland that I put up in my scraproom, LOOOOVE it!!!!

Unknown said...

So beautiful !! do you use a real vintage typewriter machine to write to journaling text on your tag ?? it's sooooooo great ;-) Smooches from Belgium ^-^

metrochic said...

phew! glad to hear the jars are safe! ;) and you and mr. r too! heh. did i tell you that i miss you already? we need another visit. stat.

Elisa said...

you are so funny and sweet :)
I love ingrid michaelson too, her lyrics are great!!! love the song maybe