Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hey there pretty picture

Yesterday i posted some of my pictures that were taken with my iphone. I learned about this cool iphone app from my brother whom i like to call Nino (because he's the only boy out of the 5 kids, lucky guy :P) So I downloaded this super cool app Hipstamatic and started to play :)

i heart . mr.handsome is not a believer. gasp! but i'm working on it. we have more macs than his one pc. he's definitely outnumbered :)

i heart mickey mouse carousels

i heart drum photos. well, drumming more of course.

it's a pretty fun app especially when you don't want to lug around your heavy digi camera ( my mona) and i don't have a point and shoot digi camera ( last one i had i sent it crashing to the ground. call me butterfingers *blushes* ) so this is a quick fix for quick pics :)

i love the effects, depending on the lens you buy from the app, they even add the grungy frames and textures over your pictures. sweet!

hopefully these make it into a scrapbook page soon.

and here is another peek into another page for my class at Reflections

anthro inspiration
some of my favorites: hambly lace overlays, tiny type letter stickers, butterfly punches on large vintage inspired pink tickets ( i love the vintage appeal) paint splash rub-ons, mambi soft spoken inspo embellies and of course, my fav anthro picture.

i could take pictures of their store fronts any day. so inspiring!

what's inspiring you lately?


Unknown said...

I just bought my iPhone last week, and the hipstamatic was one of my first apps! :) I LOVE it so much! Love that first photo!!!

marcy said...

you ;)
love all the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

i'm a pc and i invented windows 7 ;)

Bekka said...

Eventually I'm going to download hipstamatic. It's on my to-do list. I love the drum photo!