Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i love rest


i would like nothing more than a happy nap right now.
who's with me?

etsy packaging

this week has been jam packed with really cool fun stuff. it all started with some ETSY love. Gosh I really love my little shop. I have made such a mess packaging kits but then again, it's a lovely mess :) And so it's not so bad. Thank you so much for the lovelies whom purchased the Sweet Lily kit! So happy to share some creative energy with these kits. The above picture is a little packaging love for the kits. I managed to remember to take a quick picture for the archives :)

On saturday handsome and i took a break from the shop and headed up to california adventures to visit our little pal mickey mouse. It's so funny that it seems like just yesterday we went to visit but in reality it was back last november! How does time do that? remember I shared getting my first "mickey ears" at 30 :)

magic memories

( And I did wear them for the first part of the day. They got wet in a ride and then they were tucked away safely. Gotta take care of the cuties :)

Then Sunday I had the blessing of rockin' the drums at church. whoo hoo! I LOVE playing the drums :)
I just felt SO tired from our trip the day before... but nothing that a little starbucks couldn't heal hahaaa.

lovely sneek

Next I finished my class project for Reflections! Oh my it feels so good to be able to say that! ( it felt like I was back in final exams and had to turn in a 10 page paper hahaa! I don't miss that :P) 7 pages of art yumminiess. I Cannot cannot wait! I am very excited since MAMBI so graciously is sponsoring my class with loads of goodness. Including a "Debee- Inspire Chipboard Album kit" for each of my students!!! yay!

TRUTH: i have owned a "debee-Inspire kit" since last April of 09 ... and just this weekend was the FIRST time I've ever made anything with it. how odd is that?! Anyway... better late than never. *smiles*

hmm...I feel a giveaway coming up.
*wink* wink*

rest & take it easy,



Unknown said...

#1 Yes, I would LOVE a nap.
#2 I would LOVE to see you play drums. :)
#3 you're cute. ;)

that's all

Anonymous said...

I LOVE naps.

Love your artsy sharings too. Lovely.

Elisa said...

I felt like taking a nap yesterday as you :)
love your package of your sweet lily kit, can´t wait to receive it :)
love your LO of mickey ears....so so cute, how did you make the white drops?
I´d love to attend your class project for Reflections, but you are quite far away from me :) LOL

Michelle Clement said...

Dude!! That page is amazing - I've forgotten all else I was going to reply to in this comment because of it. :) lol. Gorgeous!!

Nessa said...

naps naps naps love love love :-)

and really love your butterflies

Jennifer Evans said...

Man! What church do you play the drums at?! So want to see that! ;)
Love all the new layouts posted! So inspiring... I really want to get the can out right now!