Thursday, April 22, 2010

i've got bed head

for about 3 years now I've sported the short cut.
and i like it. i really really do. but every time it gets to about my shoulders, i hate it. super duper just want nothing to do with it. i pull it up in a pony tail, try to get it out of the way and just go.

or i use my sunglasses as a headband :)

boba for everyone

then i think, and think and think waaaay to hard. when mr.handsome says i know what i'm going to do anyway :) (this was around the same time last year, right before my wedding)

to cut or not to cut

and then bam!

bed head

crazy bed head with a crazy short hair do. which i really enjoyed all summer long. no fuss. no gel. no spray. no mess. it was a happy time. a good time.

i grew up with medium to long hair. past my shoulders but never to my butt. my dad really never let us cut our hair short. which i wished i could but never dared to try. until i met my lovely now sister- Sara ( i hate calling her sister-in-law, it's so legal. especially since she's my favorite :) and she really opened my eyes to what a good hair stylist could do.

my point?
i am for sure really sorry for hurting your pretty eyes with so many pictures of me. but there is a point...
second, i have a 4:15 appointment today for my hair with the beautiful sara
i have to decide if i let my hair grow out finally ( mr.handsome likes it longer) or just cut the darn hair again and get it over with (it just grows back right ? :)

oh decisions decisions... but if i were to say for lunch happen to drive up to mc donald's i could for sure tell you i would order a mighty kids meal with hi-C orange drink and a boy kind of toy ( the girl meals always come with silly princesses. i like the cars hahaa) and be on my way.

so i guess that's where i will be thinking about this big yes/no question :)

bed head xoxo


Unknown said...

Argh! I'll be getting my hair cut AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU, and I'm not sure what I want, either. I always go for short because I have thin, stringy hair, but am unsure as to what style to go with. :( I like you with short hair, but, that's just me. :)

Urbanstems said...

Looking forward to seeing what you decided? I bet you will come back with a short cut!! Same predictament I had a few months ago..I went with the growing out and now past my shoulders!! Happy hairdressing day..xo

Anonymous said...

save me some fries ;)

Lynn said...

My eyes don't hurt seeing so many pretty pictures of you!
Keep it short!
I'm inspired to chop off my tresses looking at how good they look on you!

Love, Carrie said...

Oohhh...I think the short hair is perfect for your face!!! It's very striking :-)

Elisa said...

you are so pretty with that style of the pic of you with the are such a doll :)
mua mua
p.s. love the drink with those brown balls that I don´t remember the name LOL :D I used to drink it when I lived in US

erin e flynn said...

Did you chop it off? I always chop mine off, it's just BETTER. haha

Diane B. said...

i just got my haircut yesterday and was tired of the same ol' hairstyle. granted, my hair has been short for almost 20 yrs (LOL) but yesterday i got it cut the shortest it's ever been in about 15 yrs. yikes! so whatever you did with your hair, i get it. if you cut'll grow back! ;-)

Jenn said...

I like it longer or shorter on you. You can pull them both off. My snior year in high school I cut a foot and a half off. My hair had been down to my elbows before. No one at school recognized me the next day. I think I needed to drastically be someone else. A Lot going on ya know. I would totally do it right now if I didn't have my sister's wedding in November. She wants us to have up-dos.

Can't wait to see what you decide.