Friday, April 2, 2010

“The little note”

mr.handsome, please

Today I blogged this over at KR.
Yesterday I left this pretty note for Mr.Handsome. ( my husband :) He was due to come home any minute and I was on my way out. We knew we would probably not see each other until dinner ( i know we’re impossible. ;P ) but I did want to tell him something. So I quickly thought of a “pin board” to leave notes on. But crossed with an inspiration board for those pretty little things you have around your scrapbook area. So here is the two in one.

{ I used }

- Cork board ( Michael’s)
- Papers & Pins from the Brittany Meadows March Main Kit

- Vintage Pillow sheet

- Vintage Plastic Doily (it actually says Tupperware on it but it looks too cute so i used it anyway :)
- Vintage Doily Motifs ( just undid a couple of old crochet doilies that were already torn )

- Colorful Crochet Circle Motifs ( My current work in progress )

- A handmade Manila Tag ( or just use one you already have )

- A few vintage inspired forget me not flowers

- Scallop Scissors

- Extra pins

- A sweet picture

My idea was to pin everything down. I still want to use these elements separately ( the circle motifs are actually going to become a crochet pillow seat case, the butterflies I’d like to stick on my studio walls for fun :) and the doilies are for a few other handmade items I’m going to be making soon.

1} I placed the cork board inside the actual pillow case. Then wrapped it up and pinned it down with extra pins. Not to tight and not too loose. I even forgot to iron the sheet. but hey, who likes ironing while scrapbooking? Not me * smiles* Let’s just pretend the crease is not there shall we? hehee

2} I placed the colorful crochet circle motifs first. I liked the bottom area best. Kind of gives the impression the butterflies are bursting out from them. I pinned those down around the edges. And then tucked the plastic doily and crochet doily circles under the colorful circle motifs. Nothing was harmed while pinning. :)

3} I selected a few of the scrapbook papers in the kit and cut butterflies out of them. Use chipboard butterflies you already have to trace around for the butterfly shape. Or just free hand them. They don’t need to be perfect. They just need to have 2 wings. And then I pinned them over the circles and into the cork board with the red pins in the kit.

4} Next I printed out a recent picture of Mr. handsome and me. This was really quick. I didn’t even use picture paper! lol . I just used regular paper. Then used a scallop scissor to cut around and leave a white border. We went to our favorite park in this picture. It was a very sweet memory. Sigh* Pick a nice picture that gives you sweet memories when you look at it. xo

5} Then I grabbed a handmade tag ( Mr. Handsome helped me make a few of these by punching out circles :) He’s a keeper ) and added my little note on it. You can handwrite this too! I just pinned this pretty note down and added a few of the flowers to the back as well as a mini crochet doily behind it.

6} Next I added the banner stickers by cutting the strip in half then placing the banner sticker right under my “title”/love note. And around the picture. It helps draws the eye into the picture.

mr.handsome (close up)
A closer look

Now hang your piece somewhere close to your entry and enjoy your sweet new spot for leaving quick and pretty “little notes”. I plan on having this change over the next few days as I am sure the next KR kit KL puts together will have amazing new embellishments etc! This is a great way to use your kit and use what you love while telling someones special how much you love them. Now we need more of those xoxo reminders :)

Enjoy! And happy Easter!!!




Unknown said...

super duper cute friend! :) Happy Easter!

jamie said...

loving those sweet doilies.

Love, Carrie said...

this is beautiful! thanks for sharing...what a perfect idea....and I always love all the bright colors!!!

Jennifer Evans said...

I really love this! Everything works so well together! Thanks for the encouraging word on my blog. I needed it... still a little rusty but slowly getting back to my "old" self. ;)

Diana Martin said...

so very pretty! Happy Easter to you and your family xo

Denise said...

gorgeous. Happy Easter Debee!

Bekka said...

This is so cute! I have a couple of those plastic doilies too. I love using them on projects!

Danielle said...

that's so lovely!! Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

Dude! I just saw this on the KR blog and it just blew me away. :) It's amazing!! I loved your work, and I'm so happy to have re-discovered your blog. Yay!

dani said...

This is such a fantastic idea!!

Whosyergurl said...

I hope he appreciates your efforts! I don't know that my "Mr. Handsome" would. Although he did appreciate the bookmark with nudes that I made for him (reading is sexy)...
I remember those tupperware placemat/doily things! Ohmigosh!
Hoosier hugs, Cheryl