Saturday, April 17, 2010

the pieces fall and shatter all around


sometimes you need to give yourself a little more credit. maybe a gentle smile in the mirror instead of that mean critical eye. i think it's obvious you aren't perfect and maybe never will be. never feel like yeah, i can take a break from trying to hard. but girl. you need to chill.

the pieces will fall into place at the exact time God wants them. and you will see that perfection is so overrated so relax and enjoy the girl
however blurry
and out of focus
and crazy
even this matters for a better more exciting you tomorrow.

even this is perfect.

(ent'd: aug.08)

i am breathing. trying to force myself to reconcile with this today: ...."what is the point in being "right" or "better" if its just to prove someone else wrong? isn't it enough that i am creative and trying my best at being myself?"

today. its just a little harder to believe. i keep thinking, it just doesn't matter.
seems like everything is the same. and i don't like that.
i'm tired.

with a deep breath,



Ashleigh said...

Lovely LO! Way to take a not so perfect photo and put it to good use!

Hang in there! I know, easier said than done but you know...gotta keep trying! :)

Heather DG said...

Debee - you have & are God given talent. People love reading about what you are doing and seeing what you create. Create for Him and let Him create through you...and what else could matter? :)

As Elisabeth Elliot always says, 'you are loved with an everlasting love, and underneath are the everlasting arms' - so sending love & peace your way today.

Anonymous said...

Never put your happiness in somebody else's hand..Others may make you or break you,but still its your choice.You are GOOD, at least, in your own way.btw, love your works.cheers :)

Denise said...

I just was just posting my own deep breath/sigh today and thought you might like the quote I shared from my fav Christian writer Anne Lamott ~"Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.~

have a good weekend.

becky novacek said...

i think you're just right :)

Love, Carrie said...

Hi Debee :--)))

I absolutely love everything you create!!! I live in Encinitas and was wondering if you were interested in getting a coffee or tea some time?....or I would even be up for making a trip down to Paper Tales!!!

If your not interested, it's no biggie...just thought it might be fun :-)

Here is my blog address:

My email is on my blog.
Have a beautiful Sunday evening!


doris sander said...

to be perfect is too much to ask of anyone. but to be perfectly awesome . . . this is you. hope your weekend has been loveliness. :)

metrochic said...

angie and i were talking a little bit about this last night. it's a lot of what's made me stay out of my space for so long and why my shop is empty. it's hard not to let it get you down but know this - you are amazing. not just your art...but you. <3

merryheart2 said...

you my dear friend, are a perfect you. just the way God designed you. you have your own way about you that is yours alone. some will like it and others won't. be you. be happy and keep creating.
love you.

Bekka said...

Just sending hugs your way.