Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sometimes...it's enough

this weekend was full of rest. i of course was pretty tired from a long week last week. Thinking about so many things ("pieces" from my previous post) out of my control. it's draining. and mentally it's nice to speak things out, and move on. Letting each piece slowly fall into place rather than worrying about every little thing and trying to force everything to work out.

flowers & gold

on thursday i went to the farmers market. the pretty colorful flowers cheered me right up. I went home and played with several arrangements (this is one of my favorite, just because the flower vase was a recent purchase at a thrift store and has gold prints on it. Flowers and gold , perfect! Mr. Handsome was there when I was "shopping" and kept asking me where are you going to put it? What is it for? Oh Mr.Handsome, too many questions! You have little faith :P lol! But I in turn gave him my best puppy dog eyes and he happily forked over the money for this cutie. ( i use this method all the time girls. no shame. *smiles*)

so flower arranging/playing was fun :)

and as a way of practicing my teaching skills for my upcoming classes, I held a free little scrapbook workshop at my church on saturday. The only thing is, i had to teach it in spanish! Yikes! I was more nervous about teaching in spanish rather than teaching the actual class. hahaa (this is not good for a spanish native) I kept asking my sisters to help me translate what an "embellishment, glue dot, etc were. hahaa. Sometimes there just are no words and you have to improvise :) So my little class created a pretty little page like this:
take my hand

thankfully everyone finished their project and they were very supportive. I'm actually looking forward to teaching another class soon.

art luvr sneak

And last but not least i traveled up to Scrapbook Oasis yesterday to meet the lovely and wonderful Karen and Susan ( whom are putting together Reflections this year) and they are just the nicest people. They work so well together. I dropped off some materials for my class kits and we had a really nice lunch together. And of course, we did some shopping :)

and after 3 hours of driving, one must rest...

little white cloud

i napped for a couple of minutes... and just hung out on my cloud-like bed. pondering. wishing. hoping.


it was fun :)
and that, was more than enough for me.


-i want to thank you for listening/reading and sharing your comments with me. sometimes a girl needs to hear someone else's perspective on things. you guys rock xoxo



Unknown said...

Oooh! I'd love to take a class from you in Spanish! I would understand very little, but it'd still be fun! I call my hubby my little coconut- he's very brown on the outside, but the inside? All white! He doesn't know any more spanish than this white girl from Michigan does! :)

Anonymous said...

wait... is that my side of the bed?

Denise said...

I just woke up from a nap...yum.
glad things are looking better.

Elisa said...

lovely flowers...my little packet arrived this afternoon...it´s so lovely, love everything in there, the little, tiny butterflies are gorgeous...thanks :)
I can´t wait to play with all of these goodies.
Can I go to your next class? love to... love the frames on your pics..where did you get it?

jamie said...

thankful you share the pieces falling down in your life. i had alot of pieces do that today...thankful for a husband and Adonai to pick me up...
simply put, thank you for sharing, and how you cope with it through your art too.

still wishing i could go to reflections...that would make me happy for a very long time.

Cait said...

Hi Debee! I love your beautiful bright flowers! My favorite. Could you tell me what the little pink flowers are? I've been wanting to know but don't know how to look it up when I have no idea! I'm getting wedding flower inspiration - super exciting =)

Bekka said...

The flowers are so lovely! I can see how they'd cheer you up. :)