Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Lily Paper love & a sweet sale :)

A lovely Friday to you :)

yesterday I shared the front cover of my little mini book I made using the Sweet Lily kit in my ETSY shop. I framed the cover in a little shadow box I had purchased at IKEA a few weeks ago. Hoping to stay true to my goal of celebrating the everyday... the rest of this mini evolved :)

Cover framed in a shadow box
take my hand

Page sharing my love for crochet circles & handmade pom poms ( not to mention my undying love for Liberty of London :)
pom poms + crochet = love

I'm celebrating my little studio space that is so close to being finished ! Ah, feels so good to say that :)
_- art luvr --

My motto.
* make stuff *

a bit of color and flowers in the studio to cheer me up :)
lovely * so sweet

and a very fun little page on my crochet side project. still learning and practicing. i heart crochet *** smiles***
heart <3

I'm so happy to have these little pages done and know that I'm documenting the little things in my everyday that make me smile. Not letting that pass me up and go unnoticed. So many times I just take the picture and move on. Never thinking twice about printing them. And time is just passing by ever so quickly, i forget. So i printed a few of my favorites in my flickr stream and voila! Now my everyday is a little more special in this little mini :)

So today, and just for today the Sweet lily paper kits are on sale. I love a good deal :)
The kits are only $10 and include all of the embellishments and papers you see ( mostly handmade :)

So have fun and make time to make your everyday a little more special.

love and some happy mojo to you,


Unknown said...

So sweet! Love all your colors!

Have a fun weekend friend!

Rose said...

cuteness! i love this celebration of the everyday.x

Bekka said...

This is so pretty! I <3 your crochet circles, too! Lovely.

Ali said...

oh these are just devine!! :)
Can i ask what you use for your text on those pages - is it a typewriter or computer printed font?? I love it!! xx

Mahlin said...

I get chills (good ones) when I look at all the eyecandy here. Such beautiful colorcombos to welcome spring with! It looks gorgeous.

Denise said...

oh so beautiful! I am off to shop!