Wednesday, April 28, 2010

winner :)

and the lucky duck is....

congrats jen! please email me your address at :
thank you all for sharing your inspiring thoughts :)
here are a few pictures of what's inspiring me right now

this is from today, out shopping with my mister and loving all this pretty ribbon

and right now,

loving this pretty little corner. brightening it up with new paper garlands, some crochet love and pretty pom poms.
almost ready for a belladrummer shop update :) but for now, it's just me in this sweet corner... making pretty things.
thank you loves,



Love, Carrie said...

Congrats to the winner!!! I have been looking for your debee-inspire kit everywhere, and can't even find it online...any idea where I could buy one? Also, I'm SUPER excited for your etsy update....can't wait! Thank you for creating such beautiful things!!!

angie backen said...

nobody puts DB in the corner!
heh. i'm a dork. i know.

congrats to Jen for the win! lucky girl. :)

Ashleigh said...

Congrats Jen!
Looking forward to your shop update!

Denise said...

yeah for Jen and that ribbon photo makes me a bit breathless.

Jennifer Evans said...

YEAH! So excited to win!

Unknown said...

Love your cute corner! ;)

Anonymous said...

there's no one else i'd rather walk around a dusty flower warehouse with than you ;) ... love ya

jamie said...

that anonymous sure is a keeper!

thinking of you this weekend while all are at reflection. sure hope to hear of this earlier for next year. especially if you are teaching. would really like to attend.

Bekka said...

That photo is so pretty! And congrats to Jen!

Rebecca Grinder said...

I found your kit - it made me smile and think of you Debbee! SO COOL!