Friday, April 25, 2008

1 of 12!

Oh my goodness! you guys are the bestest :)
I cannot tell you just how excited I am about these little art cards. I mean it. The CTS is getting BETTER :) YAY! I found thinking positive helps and thanks for cheering me on! WOOT!

happy happy me.

And guess what? Having CTS is only making me WANT TO MAKE MORE STUFF! I am having fun working my little fingers out while playing with paper. Therapy. Bliss. And knowing that my fear of having to give it up is so UNTRUE and ridiculous because of the CTS. I don't have to stop. Heck. I won't stop :0 ) Cuz I can't stop-sing it with me!

Alright, so 1 of 12 WOOT! I made another card for mister handsome yesterday and i LOVE it. Gotta give that one to him (for payment as he's been massaging my hands *sweet*) But the rest to come will be up for grabs for ANYONE. Just post a comment and I'll pick 12 winners MAY 1st!!!! YAY! and I'll have a rak I'm still working on as well as 1 page Layout with your picture. A total of 14 prizes! Whoa baby!

I'm so happy! *remember the more times you comment- the better chances to win*. I'm accumulating comments and putting them all in the hat from this week till May 1st 12 PM . Have an awesome and rockin weekend!



Her Heatherness said...

I love it Debee! :) I love the leaves and the butterfly. :)

I'm glad you're doing better... CTS is no fun.... My Mom has it and it keeps her up at night a lot. When I was about 13 I had a lot of pain in my wrist... my doctor thought I had CTS, but the specialist thought I was too young for it, and determined that I had a torn ligament in my wrist... and the pain isn't as bad now. Do you have a wrist brace?

By the way, I tried my first try at paper scrapbooking last night. I'm only half way done, but I don't know what I think about it... cutting paper is really stressful! It's a gift for someone, so I can't post it at SIStv yet, but I will as I can.

Anonymous said...

oh sweets. soory to hear about the cts. keep those amazing scrappy hands healthy, bc i want to see more of these!! just lovely!

Anonymous said...

can i enter again?

Anonymous said...

and again??

elizabeth kartchner said...

you seriously rock!

Mari said...

love your work!!I've stared at your cards for hours now!

Cts hurts, I know.
I got it in 2004, and got operated on half a year later, and now Im as good as new:)
They told me too that I was very young to get CTS, but I got tested with sending signals and electisity through my muscles in my left hand, and they decided to operate.

Hope you get an operation, it is done in a minute, and 6 weeks later, your as good as new:)

I'll keep you in my thoughts:)

Mari from Norway

dani said...

so I'm going to spread my comment out into a few comments (will that help my chances?? lol)

dani said...

and so glad the CTS is getting better... keep staying positive!!

dani said...

oh and YAY for making more stuff!!!

dani said...

I love how positive and happy your posts are, even the more down ones are still positive! you're amazing!

ok, super long comment is done now :) even if it was totally cheating... heh

Erin said...

love love love this little art card!
Sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel. I have an "overuse injury" in my wrist, basically after a million test I didn't have any standard diagnosis, so they sent me to PT, which helped and I have a wrist brace I sleep in when pain is bad. I use theraputty too to strengthen hand, fingers and wrist. Ice packs help too...hope you find something that helps you feel better!

Bekka said...

Soo gorgeous!!!! Don't stop making these!!! :)

Bekka said...

Hmmm...just entering again! :D

Anonymous said...

OK, I read the comments.
Cheaters! LOL Just kidding.

I know how they feel. Anything for a sweet prize like this.

Sandra :)

metrochic said...

you are a freaking genius and i don't know how many times i will have to say that over the next year but i'm sure that it will be a freaking TON. teach me to sew?

Cattis said...

I can´t miss that!! =) Your stuff is amazing!!!

Cattis from Sweden

Keka said...

Mr. Handsome is a lucky one!!