Saturday, April 26, 2008

2-3 of 12

Hooray for warm weather! Hooray for a great Saturday! and Hooray for more art cards!

Ladies, I present... art cards



I have a numbers 4 & 5 but I just finished it and will wait until tomorrow to take a pretty picture to show and tell :)
Today was definitely a slurpee day. I like mine with a coke and cherry combination in layers. mmmmm or should i say.... ooooohhhh ahhhhhhh refreshing LOL. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I LOVE weekends. In fact, I already know i need another one and quick. LOL. Who's with me?!

So making these cards is fun. I cannot tell you how seriously obsessed I am making them. And with each one, i wonder who the recipient will be? Hmmmm..... and how am I going to choose? Or will I just randomly pick where they go to by the all to trusty "innie minnie miney mo" method? I just want you to know that I'm putting all of my heart into each and every little card. i really want to make it as special a gift from me to you as possible! I almost want to just keep them all! NOT! JK! hahaha ;)

And the other part of me is like, what if they don't want that particular art card and want another? I really don't want to disappoint anyone . Awww..I hope the art cards don't get hurt feelings :) I hope whoever the lucky 12 are will love their little card as much as I do. Or just trade amongst yourselves LOL.

Okay, enough worrying.

MORE SEWING! AND remember to post if you'd like to win a card!
Have a happy weekend!



Mari said...

I am litterally DRooling!!
love your cards!!

hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy your slurps:)

Anna/Augusti_73 said...

Seriously. I think you should spread them all over the world. And therefore send one to me in Sweden. *LOL* They're all gorgeous, it doesn't matter which one you put my name and address on. ; )
Have a great day!


Rianne said...

Saw your first four cards, and each of them is more then beautiful. they all give me a happy, somehow tender feeling.
Looking forward to see the next ones.
Have a great weekend,
Sun is shining here too! Great!
Hugs Rianne

leewoodside said...

Girl each and everyone of these cards are just pure eye candy. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Awww, those are both beautiful! I can't decide which one I like better. :D

Please don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure that whoever wins will love it because you're just so awesome and amazing and wonderful! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards! You're work is fantastic! love all the details and techniques you put together so well.

Congratz on your anniversary!
Penny (SmllChng)

Anonymous said...

Wow!These cards are just beautiful! ~Kelly

Anonymous said...

the cards are so cute!! i love my slurpee the same way, i must go and get one today!

dani said...

These cards are just amazing.... everytime I see a new one over at SIS I think my heart beats a little faster, lol. Just don't go telling my husband that as he's fairly certain he's the only one that does that to me....

Anonymous said...

Truly D - you have nothing to worry about. Every single one of your pieces of art are with out a doubt scrumptious and it doesn't matter which one goes where. Everyone will be grateful!! Including meeeeee!!! Hope your weekend has been as great as mine, my babies are at their nana's house. I will be picking them up today but I got so much done in the house plus watched a movie!!!!! It's the simple things in life....

Christine said...

wow, i love your cards! they're tiny pieces of art :D so beautiful! :D

Erin said...

You are totally inspiring me with these art cards....I think anyone would be happy with any one of these beauties! Oh and thanks for making me want a slurpee, hubby and I usually get the at the movies....I'm partial to blue raspberry myself

Mandi Johnson said...

I don't think you have to worry about ANYbody being disapointed with your cards.
You are a very talented girl and everything you touch seems to turn into loveliness.
the cards rock

A.S.K.-P. said...

OF COURSE I'd like to win one! These cards are AWESOME!

I'm soo glad I found your blog! I LOVE your style!

Bekka said...

Gorgeous -- I can't imagine anyone being disappointed! :D

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me girl?
Who in their right mind would be disappointed.

If they win, and they are...I'll take it off their hands.LOL NOT Joking!!!

Saturday was really warm in Texas too. We had some rough storm on Sat. night. It got really cold. It was 44 degrees when we were driving back from Austin Sunday! Crazy, huh?

I'm glad you had a great weekend.

metrochic said...

here's me when i see your cards: "this woman said she doesn't make cards. seriously. what else DOESN'T she make that she would totally rule at? because HOLY FRICK!"

Cattis said...

Love the colors you use on this cards!! You inspire me so much!

Keka said...

It doesn't matter! The question is which one do I NOT want?! I love em' all!

angie said...

i can't imagine anyone being disappointed! i think your art rocks!!

Anonymous said...

love all the cards. So much inspiration!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just lloooove your cards. you rock absolutely everything you touch!

Anonymous said...

Love your daily dose of inspiration...would love to win...crossing my fingers and wishing for luck...meg